The TRUE amount of TAXES we pay for items

Do you pay enough in taxes? (I’m talking combined taxes, local, state and federal) Are you sure?

Well here are some interesting numbers that may shock you. That $500 firearm you purchased to protect your wife, you paid $228 in taxes on that gun. How about the $231 airline ticket you purchased, that price included $127 in tax. Do you buy the occasional can of soda at the Gas Station or C-Store, cost = 75-cents, taxes = 28-cents.

Nope, clearly you do NOT pay enough in taxes, seems like I keep seeing more tax schemes in the newspaper every day!

Calculated ‘per unit’ sold, includes all taxes…
Cigarettes $4.31
Distilled Spirits $10.43
Car Rentals $31.94
Beer $2.28
Domestic Airfare $127.05
Phone - Landline $25.55
Gasoline $1.42
Hotel Stays $48.53
Phone - Wireless $23.19
Cable (Video) $24.24
Firearms $228.00
Meals $14.48
Soda $0.28

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im not sure what this has to do with catholicism or catholic related politics…:shrug:

I assume the airplane taxes is because of air traffic control.

The cigarette tax was because people believed if we made cigarettes more expensive less people would buy them. I believe the same motive is behind guns and liquor.

There is a lot more behind the system, than just thinking they are taking money from my pocket for no reason. I recommend you sit for some local hearings, or even schedule a time to sit with your local politicians or their aides. Your concerns should be met though.

Well, it is in the secular news forum.

Sure they would. But we are already paying a lot of money in taxes directly, not to mention the debt we are incurring. They can’t have it both ways.

Probably security too. But the biggest cost that I can find is to actually pay for the construction of the airport terminals.

Actually no. The cigarette taxes are imposed to pay for social spending. Look them up, its astounding what cigarette smokers actually pay for that are totally unrelated to smoking. Honestly if smokers quit smoking then ALL of our taxes would go up pretty dramatically. There is, as a percentage, only a very TINY amount of cigarette and tobacco tax, that actually goes to ‘smoking related’ things. There are HUGE portions of tobacco taxes that go into ‘general fund’ and numerous other budgetary areas.

Honestly, I have no idea how liquor money is spent.

Yup, I agree. In fact I’ll be at one of the Town Council meetings tonight. It is truly and education that more people should avail themselves of. The amount of waste, even at the smallest local levels, is simply mind boggling.

One city recently hired French style ‘mimes’ to walk around the downtown area to cheer up its residents during lunchtime. The city council felt that people were too gloomy so . . . more tax dollars to fund a silly program!

A good principle of taxation is to tax the vices and the luxuries, not the necessities. Booze, ciggies and guns, OK.

However, we’re at a time when politicians are creating fiefdoms and it’s getting expensive. In the UK and Ireland, they’re arrogant. In Ireland 2/3rds of government spending is on welfare and public services. 66%! And we don’t have an army to speak of. And they’re whining about the credit-crunch! We spend billions on a population of 4 million, many of whom work in the public service. Crazy!

Not sure about you folks in the UK, but here in the USA, I’d first have to ask you “WHY” you think it is a good principle of taxation to single out the types of items you consider to vices or luxuries? The huge problem I have with your theory on taxes is that what some consider luxury others consider necessity. Further, things that are ‘luxuries’ may change over time and with society, it is rare to see a tax removed when it is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Add to that that luxuries and necessities are often regionally based and often politically motivated. I see huge issues with interpretation of luxury/necessity.

Second, here in the US, where we have a huge geographic territory and very little public transit, we have a ‘luxury’ tax on vehicles. We even have a luxury tax on the tires we put on vehicles.

Many states tax food. Some do not. Some tax only some food. For example a jug of orange juice in my state sold at a grocery store is not subject to sales tax, but a single serve bottle of the same juice is taxed with our sales tax.

[INDENT]BTW: While you are in the UK, your taxes are ‘built in’ to the prices you pay, here in the USA we add the tax on top of the price when we pay for it.

FWIW, I was shocked at the level of taxation you folks pay! We spent last summer in the UK and the prices are simply scary!!![/INDENT]

Food, clothing, shelter are necessities. Booze, cigarettes, SUVs are not. You don’t need them to live and the first two make you sick, thus making you a burden on your society; the people around you and the State. So they should be taxed to the hilt.

Luxury goods are just that; things you don’t really need to live. So if the state needs money to operate, and it does, it should tax men’s vices and luxuries; to pay for the trouble they cause and because they’re not essential.

Food taxes are tricky. Are crisps food, for example? We have VAT (value added tax) which is a sales tax.

You pays yer money and you takes yer choice: Low tax = low healthcare and low unemployment benefits, high taxes should mean the reverse.

Unfortunately, you can end up with high taxes and a shoddy benefit system, as bureaucracy and entitlements increase while the profits to pay for them decrease.

What we have in Ireland is truly crazy, with the UK not far behind. The credit crunch should give a brave politician the excuse to do something about this, but they’re chickening out; they’re borrowing from future generations to ‘keep the show as-is’.

You see, in both countries public servants + those on benefits make up a big share of the voters. So they dare not do anything until the poop really hits the fan. Could happen in six months if we don’t get the now-heralded ‘soft landing’ in the economy.

In this sort of crisis first big business gets winnowed, then small business and the high street, then your neighbour gets laid off. Just depends on how bad it gets. Summertime is usually riot-time if things are bad, but things may not ‘trough’ in time for that to coincide with the economic cycle.

If things get really bad you’ll have socialist governments slung out, authoritiarian ones voted in, then, with all the Big Brother apparatus in place, things could get very dicey if you’re on the margins.

No need to head for the hills just yet. Just pick a hill and keep your head down. Sniff the air, watch which way the wind blows and if then the generalissimo happens to drive by in his big black mercedes, scream “Viva, viva!” and wipe away a fake tear of mindless joy.
As I think a polish bishop said: “We’ll just wait them out”.


I said vehicles. All vehicles. All tires. Makes no difference if we are talking about the lowest price economy car or a 4x4 SUV.

But to your point about SUVs, those of us who live well out in the country, and also have been snowed in for DAYS AT A TIME, and have rivers that block our roads several times a year, actually DO NEED vehicles with 4 wheel drive and high ground clearance.

Before you start casting what is a ‘need’ as a ‘luxury’ then you should come walk in my shoes for a while. I don’t think there is even 1 house on my rural road that does not have AT LEAST 1 vehicle that is a 4x4 SUV or truck. When we moved into our home we had to drive on 2 gravel roads to get to our house, thankfully both are now (finally) paved, but both still are subject to massive snow drifts, ice, etc each winter. Further as we are located between a constantly overflowing creek and a constantly overflowing pond, we are often living on a virtual island that is not passible unless you have a large vehicle with added ground clearance.

By the way, I’d like you to see if you can pull the corn and soybeans off my land without a 4x4 vehicle. Food, last time I checked, was necessary for survival. There are food crops grown on my land. These little “luxury” taxes you are talking about are increasing the prices of your food because there is no other way to get it out of my fields!!!

Not too long ago our politicians had the bright idea of putting a luxury tax on yachts. The result was lowered revenues to the government and an increase in unemployment, because the manufacturers involved lost sales and had to lay off people.

There seems to be a mindset that taxes can be raised to very high rates and the people who buy those items won’t change their behavior.

The items may not be essential, but the jobs created by the sales of those items are essential.

Tell me, just how is manufacturing doing in the UK these days? While you’re at it, perhaps you may want to explain what caused manufacturing in Ireland to grow?

Low taxes help the economy grow, high taxes stifle the economy.

I’m pro low-tax.

But with that you can get sick and die if you can’t afford health insurance. That’s the American model, I understand. You’ve got to get a job that offers health insurance and I imagine the premiums are high(?)

In the UK and Eire, you pay high taxes, but if you get sick, you can get treated without having to pay a fortune.

Now, however, our health services are having problems because of the imposition of monetarism (outsourcing cleaning, for example) and witless expansion: IVF paid for by the public?

**Ireland was only doing well because of low corporation tax, a national pay agreement and the IDA actively seeking outside investment. And later, borrowing on stupidly-low interest rates. **

If it signs up for the Lisbon Treaty the first may be taken away from it, down the line, the second has been scuppered by high wages generally and the third won’t then matter. The fourth is also gone.

**Manufacturing is going to educated, Third-World countries where you can pay the workers pennies. **That’s how great fortunes can be made: buy or build cheap, then sell dear. Is the same happening in the US?

**Plus which, why pay good money for complicated goods badly-made by overpaid, unionised Western labour when you can get some slick Oriental version which is more reliable and costs less?

That’s what killing manufacturing in the West.**

SUVs are Sports Utility Vehicles, correct? They may make sense for working countrymen i.e. jeeps and trucks, but not in Chelsea, West London. I get the impression a lot of them are bought by nervous women drivers with kids aboard and people who don’t off-road, even for fun.

Cars also require a huge public investment: all those roads won’t tarmac themselves. So they have to be heavily taxed.

Many are purchased with only 2wd drive, not 4wd. They are our modern equivalent of a ‘station wagon’ and many get comparatively good gas mileage, especially the smaller models (which is what most of them are that are sold here). Very few are taken off road, but that is NOT THE ISSUE. As for if the women are “nervous” or not is not of consequence to this topic.

Oddly while I was living in London I was in the Chelsea area, the roads you have and the transit you have is NOTHING like what we have here. I agree you don’t need a Range Rover to pull up to Hampton Court or drive over to the Tower of London, but then again, when was the last time that the England (or Wales) got more than 18" of snow in a whole season? We get drifts deeper than that in my driveway and I don’t live in a northern state with the REALLY HEAVY snowfalls. Still, to get around in the winter I often use a tracked snowcat that I imported from the UK several years ago.

Photo taken in my front yard :thumbsup:
melensdad uploaded this image to

I’m not saying they should not be taxed, I’m saying they are not a luxury here in the US where we do not have public transit. You are throwing around judgements on what is a luxury. That is something that I take serious exception to.

When the city people judge what is a luxury the country people get shafted because our needs are VASTLY different than the needs in the cities. I’d guess the opposite to be true as well. Few city people need rifles, I, on the other hand, NEED them to dispatch the wild critters like coyotes that attack our animals. Further, I carry a handgun to dispatch attacking dogs when I am outside, again, nobody is going to protect me other than me when a wild pack of dogs attacks. My NEEDS are not LUXURIES, nor are they VICES, tax them if you want, but don’t judge them and don’t kill me with your personal opinion of what is an appropriate tax.

For all those who think taxes are to low and want to pay more send more at tax time.

So how much extra did you pay this year?

I think taking a hypothetical budget and adding up all the taxes should be a standard part of every Junior or Senior in High School Government class.

No volunteer tax payers?

One willl get treated after long delays, and assuming the government has not declared that person a “useless eater” - oh they won’t use that term, they’ll say “medically unviable” like the case of the down’s syndrome kid who died because he had a temporary condition where he was in a coma - we’ll he’s not worth treating, so let him die.

There are some people, who regardless of their income or the cost of health insurance, would not buy it. The cell phones, rims and clothes are way too important to be worrying about health.

In the UK and Eire, you pay high taxes, but if you get sick, you can get treated without having to pay a fortune.

Does the government there not have a little bit of a hold on the Doctors freedom? Someone is paying that fortune. Here the illegals are killing the hospitals.

**Ireland was only doing well because of low corporation tax, a national pay agreement and the IDA actively seeking outside investment. And later, borrowing on stupidly-low interest rates. **

Lower corporate tax is what America needs. But the corporations in this country are evil and greedy. But they pay us better than any other country.

**Manufacturing is going to educated, Third-World countries where you can pay the workers pennies. **That’s how great fortunes can be made: buy or build cheap, then sell dear. Is the same happening in the US?

Yes, so Americans who realise and understand this are not buying the cheap junk. It irritates me that my sattelite tv box has almost caught on fire twice now. It cost them 5 dollars to make the thing and if you do not return it after they replace it they charge you about 300 dollars.

Plus which, why pay good money for complicated goods badly-made by overpaid, unionised Western labour when you can get some slick Oriental version which is more reliable and costs less?

Key word, unionised. You hit the nail on the head there ol chap. Except we were known for making better qaulity items than the orientals are.


what killing manufacturing in the West.

High taxes as well.

Dont worry, Obama will shred the Declaration of Independence, become the Lord of the USA, knighted by your queen and we will all be merry gentlemen spending most our time in the pubs. Wait no, the pubs are dropping like flies in the UK arent they?

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