The True Face Of Power


When thinking about the human condition, i think one of the main problems with Humans is that they tend to have a warped sense of power, or a limited one dimensional concept of it. There are some good people in the world, but its clear that we do not all value each-others existence in the same way. We feel the need to have a perking order, dominate one another, compete with one another for a better life. Dog eat dog. Everybody is in the rat race. Some would say that the ability to command droves of humans into almost certain death is true power, the greatest power. Thus our ability to coerce other minds in some way shape of form, to move them and have them conform to the ends we desire, takes center stage.

I understand that war, a show of dominance, and the presence of command is necessary in some circumstances.

But isn’t true power, the greatest power, the ability to inspire love in the hearts and minds of other human beings? To transform two potential enemies into friends? To unite nations toward a greater good that serves all of humanity. Isn’t the greatest power reflected in the act of loving your neighbor, in fact to be a servant of what is good unceasingly no-matter the circumstance?

Some would disagree. They would say that kindness is taken for weakness and that it is better to inspire fear in humans than to love them.

What are your thoughts?

I believe that love should take center stage in everything we do (and i am no role model believe me), that’s why i am attracted to the Catholic faith, because Catholicism literally puts love at the very core of all reality.


Why would socialism mean that it’s adherents were absolutely evil. I don’t get it.


Well, of course this is true but love can’t demand; it can only encourage and beckon and uplift and persuade and model the right thing. It provides a choice, an alternative. But people must come to see its value. That’s the message of the cross. God will die a million ugly deaths to convince you of His love, but He wont force you to love Him.


It is the classic battle of the ego (self-love) versus true love.

We all know about the ego and its destructive elements.

But love…it is the strongest force in the universe, as it created the universe. At the human level, love perseveres through all tragedy. Love forgives when nothing else satisfies. Love is its own reward.

Love desires the good of the “other.”

Love does not count the cost.

You are in the right place, and investigating the faith which is the true source of love.


[quote=“Tropical_Delight, post:2, topic:500561, full:true”]. If everybody on this Earth was absolutely equal, that would be Socialism, which is disastrous. .

Is there an historical precedent , @Tropical_Delight , for such a state of affairs ?


Book of James -
Where do all the wars and violence in the world come from ?
They come from - lust.


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