The true reality of Islam.

This recent 2012 report illustrates the true reality of Islam which many try to hide, unfortunately :sad_yes:, every single word of the below paragraph is 100% accurate, which has been foreseen since Abram days (Genesis 16:12).

“Saudi Arabia is a destination country for men and women subjected to forced labor and to a lesser extent, forced prostitution. Men and women from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and many other countries voluntarily travel to Saudi Arabia as domestic servants or other low-skilled laborers, but some subsequently face conditions indicative of involuntary servitude, including nonpayment of wages, long working hours without rest, deprivation of food, threats, physical or sexual abuse, and restrictions on movement such as the withholding of passports or confinement to the workplace.” Link.

However, those miserable acts can be prevented in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries only by stop listening to the prince of this world teaching, then by cleaning the hearts with JESUS words, JESUS teaching, and JESUS love :love:…

On what basis do you claim that Saudi Arabia represents all of Islam? Is your statement any different to those who say that Christians support pedophilia because some priests have been caught?

Can you give any evidence that the majority of Saudi’s support the behaviours you mentioned, much less that the majority of Muslims do?

Yes indeed, Saudi Arabia is fully implementing Islamic sharia, and Quran is the constitution of Saudi Arabia:

The central institution of the Saudi Arabian government is the Saudi monarchy. The Basic Law of Government adopted in 1992 declared that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy ruled by the sons and grandsons of the first king, Abd Al Aziz Al Saud. It also claims that the Qur’an is the constitution of the country, which is governed on the basis of the Sharia (Islamic Law).

It is the fundamental assumption of the polity of Saudi Arabia that the Holy Qur’an is more suitable for Saudi Muslims than any secular constitution.

Can you give any evidence that the majority of Saudi’s support the behaviours you mentioned,

In addition to the link in the OP, here are more (1) (2) (3).

Well, this is a disappointing start. Have just joined the site and the first post i get to see is negative, stereotyping and hardly forgiving of those ‘who trespass against us’. We’re not precisely free from sin or intolerance ourselves, wouldn’t you say?

It’s not a forgiveness issue, the point is to recognize the “fruit”:

(Matthew 7:15-17):
"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit."

I repeat; we are not in a position to cast the first stone. Our own ‘fruit’ is not entirely unblemished. I do hope this site has better and more life-affirming posts.

Saudi’s are able to import so much foreign labor for one reason, oil wealth.

Many gulf states maintain an unreasonably comfortable standard of living for their citizens by importing foreigners to do all menial tasks, since they’re not citizens they are unable to acquire many rights.

It’s awful but not something we can blame Islam on. If anything, Islam’s tenants on alms and caring for the poor keep these peoples’ exploitation from being absolute.

Once the oil money drys up it’ll be a rude awakening for the monarchies and the comfortable classes of the gulf states.

Doubt it.

I don’t see Catholics preaching to fly planes into buildings, declaring war on all non believers of Islam,

So one and a half billion Muslims all subscribe to that, do they? Oh dear.

Sedonaman’s Law has just kicked in: “Any discussion of Islam will immediately, if not sooner, result in confusing Muslims with Islam.”

Well yes.

Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,Libya, With radical Islam.

I forgive them but they have declared war on infidels

So what you’re saying is that there is no involuntary servitude, long hours, and low pay here in the U.S.? There is no forced prostitution? There are no withholding of immigrants’ pay, keeping their passports, depriving them of food and rest? There is no stereotyping of the non-dominant religion?

I think I’ve got it now.

Well, given that the OP actually lives in that country why not assume that he is telling the truth? Are you an expert on Islam and Muslim countries?

Because Saudi Arabia is considered in the Muslim world to be the most true Islamic country.
Because it is the site of Mecca and Medina and the prophet himself, the ruling family makes sure that they follow the faith to the letter. My older brother lived there for 9 month and what is posted is accurate

Liberals get all upset because Catholics don’t believe in same sex marriage, well with Islam they behead homosexuals.

Nice tolerance

I have heard the same as what. Sam777 has said from petrolium engineering friends of mine that were over there in the 80’s and 90’s, so this is nothing new.

Let the facts speak for themself, no need to turn a blind eye in the name of charity, or pretend it doesn’t go on. Fact, it happens! Where do we go from here!

Being that the US is more interested in the material than the spiritual, it doesn’t suprize me, this isn’t making headline news, in our darwinist economic model, void of morality.

I’m sure someone in Saudi Arabia would have a better grasp of what goes on there then many of us outsiders, right :wink:

But we cannot ignore the actual institutional practice of sheltering sex offenders.:blush:

Moral relativism ahoy! :wink:

While your desire for more charitable discourse is laudable, I think there are times in human history when plain speaking is required, and this is sadly one of them. I know plenty of good Muslim men and women, but the ideology that many of them hold to - the actual “belief system” of Islam - is poisonous.

Let him with out sin cast the first stone—Jesus

why not not assume anything either way? Obviously this post is subjective.

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