‘The Trump effect’ showed up in heavily Hispanic Texas border counties

‘The Trump effect’ showed up in heavily Hispanic Texas border counties

Silvia Foster-Frau Nov. 13, 2020

ZAPATA — Irma Alvarez, a longtime Democrat, didn’t vote for president in 2016.

This year, the 80-year-old did. She chose President Donald Trump.

“Always, always, I was part of the old Democratic Party. But the new party has changed a lot,” said Alvarez, a native Spanish speaker who was born in Guerrero, Mexico. “They don’t understand how things are down here. They just don’t understand.”

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Florida too, big success.

If it wasn’t for all the runs the other team scored in the seventh inning, we would have won… :smirk:


Well, he did lose. . .

From the article:
“The South Texas residents who voted for Trump did so believing he would improve their job opportunities and support law enforcement. Many are Catholic and could not get past the Democratic Party’s support for abortion rights.”

One of the big stories coming out of this election is the shift of significant percentages of black and latino voters towards the Republican party.
it will be interesting to see if the Republican party becomes identified with the working class in the years ahead.
Democratic gains tended to be among college educated white folk.
We could be seeing a new class politics beginning to emerge, in which racial issues become subordinate to issues of employment.

I agree with this, noting that this can be coupled with healthcare which employers can provide while Congress stalls.

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