The truth about Muslims in America

(CNN)Donald Trump sparked a firestorm of criticism from liberals, conservatives and those in between when he called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

But while such a ban is unlikely to be implemented in a country founded by immigrants, the cheers that followed his announcement at a South Carolina rally are telling.

“I think that we should definitely disallow any Muslims from coming in. Any of them,” supporter Charlie Marzka, 75, told CNN. “The reason is simple: We can’t identify what their attitude is.”

Indeed, the truth about Muslims in America is perhaps surprising – but not in the way Trump and his supporters might think.

A look at polls and studies conducted in the last few years shows that Muslims have been crucial in helping law enforcement find terror suspects in the United States. Many have served in the military protecting the country against terrorists. And in many ways, they’re a lot like other everyday Americans.

Here’s the reality of Muslims in America – and how it smashes stereotypes

So Trump and his quasi-Fascist view on Muslim immigrants is completely wrong… color me shocked… SHOCKED!

…and the circus side show freak goes hone when we stop paying attention.

You know, 10 minutes before the massacre in San Bernardino, that couple would have been poster-children for CNN.

And no one tells the end of his statement, until the people vetting them know what they’re doing. He did not say that Muslims living here should be deported. He did not say that Moslems fighting for our country shouldn’t have the freedom to go back and forth, or that Moslems already vetted should be sent back! As usual, the media is making a mountain out of a molehill. Trump is not a nominee yet. Trump is not president.

What I’d like is to hear that Obama will not be letting Christians fleeing Isis to immigrate here. Dead silence on this. Why? Not PC correctness to admit there are radical Moslems here already, and some probably slipping between the cracks amid the refugees.

Why is in not good sense to make sure that some aren’t terrorists? Better for them to be in a camp like refugees after World War 11 for awhile, then have another 9/11. If we see another attack here, you’ll see some of these people and candidates eating their words.

You don’t want Christians fleeing for their lives to be allowed to enter the US?

No. What I meant is Obama isn’t leaving Christians in, yet the media is silent about that. Yet they’re really upset about Trumps statement.

Not sure what you’re saying. Obama isn’t letting Christians in? Is that what you’re claiming?

Let’s leave the politics to the World News section. Discuss the article.


Would you start a thread (in World News) about that? I heard Fr. Pacwa saying something similar, but I’d like to hear more.

Was he trying to say “Obama isn’t LETTING Christians in?”

And I’d love to see proof of this from a reputable source since last I checked no one was really inquiring deeply into the religion of any of the refugees seeing as Daesh is equally zealous about killing Christians and Muslims who don’t subscribe to their warped version of the religion.

I don’t want to get into an off-topic argument, but let me just say that I definitely, and absolutely, do not share your attitude. (Plus I notice you didn’t even mention the persecuted Jews, but I’ll trust that was accidental or incidental.)

Since the moderator strongly suggested we leave the politics to the WN forum, maybe we should heed his advice.
The body of the article which nobody has bothered to talk about:

They are a minuscule portion of the U.S. population

It’s difficult to come by hard numbers because the U.S. Census doesn’t collect religious data. But the fear of Muslims taking over and imposing Sharia law is unfounded. By some estimates, Muslims make up less than 1% of the U.S. adult population. By 2050, their numbers will grow – to 2.1%. Of all the Muslims in America, 63% are exactly the kind Trump wants banned – immigrants.

They’re better educated than most Americans

U.S. Muslims have the second-highest level of education among major religious groups in the country; Jews have the highest. And a greater proportion of them have college degrees than the general U.S. population.

They have more gender equality

While in many parts of the Muslim world, women are confined to second-class status, that’s not the case among American Muslims. Virtually all of them, 90%, agree that women should be able to work outside the home. American Muslim women hold more college or postgraduate degrees than Muslim men. And they are more likely to work in professional fields than women from most other U.S. religious groups.

They’ve been here since the birth of the nation …

Scholars estimate about a quarter to a third of the Africans brought to the United States as slaves were Muslims. Most were then forced to convert to Christianity.

… and they’re not just clustered in big cities

American Muslims live in cities big and small all across the United States. The first mosque built in America was in, of all places, Ross, North Dakota, back in 1929.

They’re as religious as Christians …

The general perception of Muslims has one thing right: Most Muslims are very religious. About half say they attend the weekly Friday prayers. But that makes them similar to Christians: About 70% of Christians say religion is important in their lives, and about 45% go to a weekly service.

… but they’re not as dogmatic as they are portrayed

Much has been made about fundamentalist Muslims and their strict interpretation of the Quran. But most American Muslims are different. A Pew religious landscape survey found that 57% of American Muslims say there is more than one way to interpret Islam’s teachings. A similar number say many different religions can lead to eternal life.

Indeed, most Muslims in America are like most Christians in America. They see plenty of ways to interpret their holy scriptures, attend services in about the same amounts, say their religion is important to them in about the same numbers. Shouldn’t surprise anyone. Most Muslims in America are Americans who just happen to be Muslim just as most Christians in America are Americans who just happen to be Christian.

It is unconstitutional to require a religious test for folks who want to enter the USA. I am surprised @ Donald Trumps comments on Muslims. A few weeks back Trump was saying I love Muslims and now this, Trump calls for a ban on Muslims traveling to the USA.

Indeed Muslims account for a tiny portion of those who commit crimes/mass shootings/terror in the USA. Its unfortunate that a small # of Americans use negative language toward Muslims when in fact there are American drug dealers of numerous backgrounds who are harming the lives of American families

Muslims fought in the American revolution, the US civil war on the Union side, WW1, WW2, Vietnam, the Korean war, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Praise be to God that the majority of Americans are good people. The old guard of the USA, the honorable white and black American Christians will never allow any anti Muslim laws to be put in place. Honorable men such as FDR, Frederick Douglass, and Thomas Jefferson would be opposed to the bigoted/childish language that some Americans use toward minorities such as Muslims. I pray for the many Muslims and Christians of the ME who work together in the fight against ISIL.

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