The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


Looks like the indigenous veteran was the one who actually confronted the kids while they were peacefully waiting for the bus to arrive after the March for Life. When I first saw the clip, I was disgusted and wondering what these boys were trying to accomplish. Now that I’ve seen the full video of what actually transpired, it’s pretty apparent that four grown men had been verbally assaulting these kids and a group of Native American men confronted these boys and started drumming in front of their faces. They had been practicing their school cheer to drown out the four aforementioned men and when Phillips arrived (the Native American) they thought that it was all fun and games, but realized that something more serious was going on when he wouldn’t stop drumming near one of the student’s face.

He also falsely claimed that they ended up surrounding him and wouldn’t let him leave - that he had been subject to derogatory remarks and that they had been screaming “build the wall”.

Even CNN and the NY Times are backtracking from their initial reports.

Now the student at the center of this is receiving death threats.


Yes, even USA Today is running the story that this was Fake News!


They were waiting for a bus … for two hours?


Very plausible. I waited for 1 1/2 hours for our bus after the March. 300000 people and DC traffic on the street at rush hour.


There’s a reason I don’t comment on these stories when they first break. Because almost always without fail the full story isn’t presented and the press are interested in pushing a certain narrative at the expense of journalistic integrity and waiting for the facts. And now that the full facts are coming out the press are backtracking because they can’t defend the original story.


Horrible slanted biased journalism is why we have Donald J. Trump in the White House, IMO.


If you mean to say the MSM wanted DJT as president, you’re sorely mistaken. They wanted HRC.

If you mean to say that the voters reacted against the constant stream of liberal leaning MSM and voted him in for spite, prolly not, because he didn’t win the popular vote.


Quite frankly, this story and the reporting just makes me more and more queasy.

You have two groups of people, who are held to higher standards than others.
Kids who go to a religious school are supposed to act better than other kids.
Native Americans have a reputation in this country for being honest and straightforward. They’re supposed to be reliable witnesses.

The media on the other hand, nobody has any expectation of honesty or non-bias.

God have mercy on us :pensive:


I don’t think anyone should be commenting on this unless they were an actual witness. The problem with these incidents is there will be many versions and each version will have people who claim to be able to substantiate their version. Unless you are there it is extremely difficult to know which version is true. I often suspect there is some truth in most versions and all are somewhat economical with the truth. I do not think when these incidents occur that any parties involved behave impeccably. There is always an instigator but the response to that is not always the most appropriate. I think as with all such incidents we are never going to get to the full truth.

It is appalling that anybody is receiving death threats. It is extremely sad that anyone thinks this incident requires such an extreme response. I am not in the USA but I get the impression there is a lot of tension in the USA between different groups in US society. I doubt the current Administration can bear the entire blame but I don’t think it helps the situation.


I’m a former student at Covington Catholic. I have spoken with my former teachers who were there, and read first hand accounts from my parish priest who was there.

This is a total fabrication, and the media is already back peddling their lies. Those young men are good people. And I’m appalled at how quickly their fellow Catholics, school administration, and diocese was ready to throw them under the bus based on a ten second video clip posted by a group of political activists to further their own agenda.

These young men have received death threats, their personal information blasted out online, because a mob of twitter users demanded blood.

Pray for them, pray for their families, that the truth wins and that no harm befalls them.


There is a 1:45:00 video on youtube clearly showing everything that happened. It clearly shows a Militant African American Evangelical group (they remind me of the WWE’s Nation of Domination where the great character of The Rock emerged from) with great foulness harassing Native Americans, the High school students, and a middle aged African American man. The students shielded a fellow African American students from the harassment of the Militant group and then they started their school chant to drown out the militant group’s vulgarities and were having a blast like normal teens would when they gather together. Then Mr. Philips’ group, who could have easily circumvented the group to get where he claims he was going, goes into the group of kids who are already dancing up a storm start dancing to the rhythms of the cool drums. Then Mr. Phillips goes right up to the kids with the MAGA hats and starts beating a drum close to the kid’s face. Now thier Dioceis issues a cowardly apology and some of these kids could be expelled from their school.

Imagine that the young man having a loud drum played in front of his face by an adult provocateur is your child. Think of the implications of this, from physical threats, school expulsions, character assassination, and long term marginalization.

My son belongs to a wonderful Catholic youth group that goes once in a while to public places like bowling alleys, trampoline parks, etc. Given the current state of things a member of an anti-catholic could jump at the opportunity tor harass them because they know they are guaranteed positive media coverage as victims.


It’s only a matter of time until someone innocent ends up dead because of media smears. Poor boys.


The worst part is, the diocese website still has a paragraph up condemning these boys despite the evidence in their favor. I’m so mad at Bishop Foys and the school administration for not standing by their students. The shepherds that should be protecting their flock are throwing sheep to the wolves to protect their own skins.



The diocese basically sold them out for PR, which is definitely detestable. They were so afraid of backlash they completely folded right as this became news, even after saying they were investigating the incident


I wonder if all the CAFers that were condemning the boys earlier have seen this? :thinking:


Like I said, there is a reason I don’t personally comment on these high profile stories in the media. Because the press are usually incredibly lazy, or willfully ignorant and only get about to doing their jobs after someone has done it for them.


Absolute, this is one of the most infuriating parts. Instead of waiting to find out what happened; the diocese immediately threw the students under the bus. Those kids went to march for life, thus showing more moral courage than half of the USCCB members. Will keep them in our family prayers.


I see so many people making excuses or justifications for them getting death threats. I’ve even seen people on social media saying they want to punch those kids in the face. Grown adults are ruminating about punching teenagers in the face. It shouldn’t matter whether they wore Trump hats or not. Death threats against anyone are just flat out unacceptable


The worst attacks I’ve seen leveled against these high school kids are people comparing them to southern racists who berated black Americans at lunch counters in the 50s and 60s. That is a bridge too far, and I’m used to seeing some very harsh opinions

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