The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


When I initially saw this news story I knew that something smelled fishy. The video clip was in no way supporting what the native American guy was claiming. Just more evidence of how shoddy the media has become at doing their jobs.


Here is a clip from Fox news this morning. They are speaking to one of the chaperones. This puts things in such good perspective. In parts of the video around clip 2:26 you can see where Nick Sandman reaches out to other students to keep them from saying something they shouldn’t. You can truly see he is just trying to keep a bad situation from getting worse. Plus a lot of the kids look like they had their cameras out recording or are in their own world talking to each other. Nothing happening like MSM first reported to cause all the hate.
It was also said on Fox this morning that the students and chaperones didn’t have any idea this have become anything on the internet until they got home. Now they are not able to go to school and afraid for their lives.


Meanwhile, the unrepentant parts of the MSM are still pushing the original narrative and putting any alternative views down to White Piveledge.

This one is so sick that it’s almost funny again.


A lot of schools in the area do blue outs, white outs, gold outs etc depending on their school colors.

When I attended cov cath, blue white and black outs were common.

In recent years, all the local schools have stopped allowing black outs, including cov cath, because of how it can be perceived. But it was never racially motivated.


I don’t know what to say- I am a minority and I’m just worried that this may make the Native Americans be negatively portrayed because of what this Native American man did. But, as a Catholic, I’m worried that Catholics will be negatively viewed because of this incident.

But I honestly don’t hear any “build the wall” in that video. So I don’t know which side is right. I don’t have the full view of the story so I can’t say for sure. There must be an investigation on this because we don’t have much evidence and it’s quite bleak (at this moment) to see the truth.

May God have mercy on all of us!


Glanced over it. It is sickening. A woman wrote it who apparently refuses to come to reality despite all the apologies from others who realized they got it wrong and put these youths life in danger.


I think in both cases we have to trust, and also pray, that the truth will prevail and that people will recognize and reject the discord that the servnats of satan are sowing among us.


There is no build the wall in the video because they didn’t say it. I like the Fox news video I posted above because you can truly see that particular young man’s response and it was one of civility.


Nathan Phillips is part of the American Indian Movement. A particularly violent political group that has killed FBI agents and committed other crimes. Most other native groups try to distance themselves from them, from what I’ve read.


I agree. We must pray about this issue and ask for God’s divine intervention. I am praying for the truth to prevail in this situation! Lord, have mercy on us!

That is awful! I didn’t know this. Thank you for letting me know.

That’s why I wasn’t so sure if this video was what it is said to be. I never heard any “build the wall” at all. It’s always good to have two sides to the story- if one side is uplifted, then it is not a justified case, I find. Thank you for posting the news.

God have mercy on all of us, and may He intervene so that the world can see the truth.
Mary, mother of God, pray for us!



Like what specifically?

Like what?

The answer was, that particular minority group, were the racists in this case.

FYI, minorities also wear MAGA hats. Because they are benefiting from Trumps agenda

Nationalism doesn’t have a race in this country. AND Trump never positioned it that way. Who specifically benefited more under Trumps changes, and his direction than they had in the past 50 years? Minorities. Explain THAT, … if MEGA is a racist and extreme, and all the other negatives you mentioned , if THAT is the actual message of MEGA ? Point being, it is a positive message. NOT TO THE LEFT however.


Open those links provided. Look over to the category "social issues" For example, and look at the position on abortion for both parties. Look at the parties different position. Who follows the Catholic position?

BTW, Trump is pro life. Which is what the high school in this thread topic were there to support…Pro LIFE which is part of the message of MAGA


So you are saying everyone has the right to free speech except those who support Trump. Regardless of your opinion of Trump, everyone, including a bunch of boys from a Catholic High School have the right to wear the hat of their choice.

I don’t care if some (not most) people react poorly to a hat. That is more of a reflection on their inability to be mature adults than on a hat. Seriously, the same people who celebrated in a very public manner the women’s march in 2017 with all it’s degradation and flaunting of a serious lack of any moral values are the ones who are offended by a red hat with 4 letters on it. That kind of thinking is delusional.


Respectfully just ones opinion…pondering on… those who are on Trump side also know he is pro-life and Jesus made it also very clear publicly and verbally what side he was on also did he not? Sadly Jesus was greatly persecuted by his enemies also was he not for doing so and why?

One should be able to wear what they please freely should they not? This is about hat, really? Why?

Asking kindly has one gone to a Women rally??
What are theses Women wearing on their heads publicly and endorsing?? Making advertisement posters with such logos, etc etc also?

Then there is the other side of Women who do not join in these Women March and rallies nor do all Women agree either why also??

But the other side of Women do not go around in public attacking them or yelling them down etc…Freedom for all to do so right?

And there is nothing stopping the other candidates running to do the same is there? Just one thought of it first, good idea maybe? No different then The Women March wearing their pink hates at rallies, letting others know?

Believe it really has nothing to do with the hat does it nor should it, really?

Might have to do with those who disagree might have the issues themselves needing to work on maybe?

Peace just an opinion is all.



Such an action would be considered a violation of the 1st Amendment. Even though Catholic schools don’t really fall under the 1st Amendment, most avoid creating rules like this if it doesn’t directly go against the faith.

Now, the school could have instituted a dress code that banned all baseball hats, but they couldn’t really objectively ban political slogans at a political events.


See, that’s just silly. Were we supposed to follow around anyone with an Obama bumper sticker and call them “baby killers”?

People support politicians and their slogans for all different reasons. Painting “the other half” with the same broad brush is why our political climate is the way it is and is arguably the primary reason Trump was elected president in the first place.


I’m glad this happened.

I have come to realize in the past few weeks that in some respects, the U.S. does have something in common with Nazi Germany–we cannot trust our media!!!

I’ve seen it on both sides–some of the Conservative talk show hosts and columnists say and write “facts” with no documentation/proof. Even when a watchdog corrects their facts, they keep saying them, and they never bother to respond to the watchdog and explain why his/her “facts” are incorrect and their facts are “correct.” It’s just a question of who out-shouts who!

And the Liberal media is awful. They present innuendos as headline stories, and only at the end of their story do their admit that “there is no evidence–yet.” In other words, they have made the whole thing up, but they are hoping that someone will come forward and prove their “theory!” If I had tried that lying tactic with my mom (R.I.P.), she would have grounded me for a month!

Some of the columnists on both sides appear to be telling the truth; e.g., Kathleen Parker, Marc Thiesson, Esther Cepeda. Michael Gerson used to be trustworthy, but his obvious hatred of Donald Trump has distorted his ability to be objective. And this makes me doubt even the three that I have listed above.

When I was a young teen, I read Mein Kampf, and I started reading other books about Hitler, and I came to the conclusion to be very cautious about believing anything. Demand proof. I even started questioning my teachers, and they liked this!

I still feel that way. I tend to trust my local news because the people are my neighbors and fellow parishioners and fellow music club members, and if they lie, they will be called out for it and lose the trust of all of us. But all these other voices–for all I know, it could be special effects. Look how Hollywood makes us believe, at least for 90 minutes, that there are superheroes. This school video is a perfect example of what happens when someone views only selective cuts.

Don’t be too quick to trust.


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