The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


It is pretty sad that the media, the enterprise of expanding personal liberty and keeping the authorities in check can also be used to defame and ruin someone’s life.

Not even applying this to this direct situation, we have seen this time and time again from both left and right leaning media. Freedom of the press is of course needed and generally a good thing but it shouldn’t destroy freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness


Maybe the Church should add a new CCC passage condemning
“the superficial appearance of things that remotely offend others”.


The far left and the liberal media hate Catholic schools and everything they represent.

They view Catholic schools (and private schools in general) to be just for the rich & entitled, even though many poor kids attend parochial & mission schools, and even though many in the media either went to private schools themselves and/or send their kids to private schools.

And they despise Catholic Schools esp. because they despise the traditional values that are taught at orthodox schools and by the Church.

There used to be a code in the media that you show restraint with minors and only make reports after investigation and approval to share names. But that’s surely not what the media did here. Now CHILDREN are receiving death threats and a high school had to close due to the fear that was created by the irresponsible media.

I’m usually not someone who believes in boycotts, etc. But there are a number of people in the media who need to be fired and sued for slander & reckless endangerment!


Unfortunately the press have no interest in actually doing their jobs. They’re interested in ratings and what gets the clicks. We have no means to hold the media accountable for bad behavior or poor reporting.


Truth! They know that they can whip whichever flock of sheep they pander to into a frenzy. This is perpetrated by both left and right leaning media outlets.


Here is an updated statement from the Diocese of Covington KY

Their website was down for a good portion of this morning, and replaced with just this

A statement from the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School

On Monday afternoon the Covington Police alerted us that they had intelligence concerning a planned protest, Jan. 22, at Covington Catholic High School and a vigil at the Diocesan Curia. Due to threats of violence and the possibility of large crowds the Diocese was advised to close Covington Catholic High School, the Diocesan Curia and neighboring Covington Latin School. We thank law enforcement officers for their protection and will reopen when they say it is safe to do so.

Concerning the incident in Washington, D.C., between Covington Catholic students, Elder Nathan Phillips and Black Hebrew Israelites the independent, third-party investigation is planned to begin this week. This is a very serious matter that has already permanently altered the lives of many people. It is important for us to gather the facts that will allow us to determine what corrective actions, if any, are appropriate.

We pray that we may come to the truth and that this unfortunate situation may be resolved peacefully and amicably and ask others to join us in this prayer.

We will have no further statements until the investigation is complete.


It would be impressive if the results weren’t so dire.

It’s sort of sad watching friends on Facebook react to such stories so predictably. If the same exact video popped up, but you swapped out “white kid from Kentucky with MAGA hat” and “Native American man” with “black kid from the city with hoodie” and “Caucasian man”, many of them would just swap talking points. The exact same conversation would happen only with everyone on opposite sides.

It’s kind of tiring.


Is American society divided or not? Are there a lot of tensions? What is the true picture, and how do you arrive at your assessment? As I do not live in the USA I can only learn what is happening through the media.


I agree very much with your post.

My other thought to add is that in this day and age, none of us are immuned to this. No one is immuned to be recorded somewhere and a video taken out of context, making it look like something it is not.


#1 I have raised boys. the blackout video is from 2012. Some schools used to have “blackout” basketball games where the fans would don blackface and other face paint colors to show school spirit. There is a lot of yelling and cheering at high school basketball games this picture is likely taken out of context. I have read that most schools have discontinued using black face paint (and rightly so,IMO) because of controversy.
2. I believe the Native American Elder may have been originally trying to diffuse the situation between the extremist group that started out harrassing the boys because of their hats, and go caught in the crossfire.
3. Verified social media accounts have been calling for doxxing, violence and death threats against the boys and the school and have not been suspended and I don’t see anyone on the left denouncing it as per usual.
4. One of my radical Dem Social media friends has been calling for closing of all Catholic/Christian schools as they are bastions of hate.
5. I believe certain celebrities who have been calling for confrontation against the school, students should have their pants sued off if anything violent happens. Ditto for media outlets.


Pupils at my school were still considered to be under the discipline of the school even if not present and if you misbehaved in uniform still subject to discipline. Now in reality of course no school anywhere can monitor kids at all times but school was considered an apolitical zone but wearing political slogans, t-shirts etc… was no countenanced. Even wearing stuff supporting causes could be problematic. Something like lapel pins for raising money for cancer research was allowed but that was about it. The uniform code was very, very strict. You could be sent home for opening shirt button in boiling hot weather without asking a teacher or put on suspension for wearing the wrong sort of shoes.


There’s certainly divisions. And yes, there are tensions. However it’s not nearly as cut and dried as the press will tell you. Unfortunately it’s one of those things where if you’re not in the US you won’t fully understand. Most Trump supporters aren’t racists or neo Nazis. They’re primarily working class folks who have voted for Democratic politicians for decades but switched to Republican because Trump spoke to their interests against globalism and the cultural changes that are being pushed by the cities.

Listen to alternative media/new media. You’re more likely to hear what’s really going on by listening to media that isn’t MSNBC, CNN, Fox, CBS or ABC. Those outlets only focus on the perpetually outraged, they don’t talk to the people who aren’t protesting


Yeah, but here is the key to your whole point: uniform.

Yes, Catholic school kids typically wear uniforms when at school. But these kids didn’t have to wear uniforms at the March for Life. They were allowed to wear whatever was comfortable (though I’m sure within reason).


That’s a difference between the UK and Ireland and the US again possibly. We were expected to wear our uniforms until age 16 on all field trips except for stuff where it would have been impractical such as sporting events. The school would not have allowed pupils to attend an event like March for Life except on an individual personal basis as it had a major politician speaking and attendance would perceived as too partisan and showing support for one political party. If you wanted to go on your own that would be your choice mind you and kids do sometimes take a day out to attend events, My wife’s friends’ kids request each year several days out for events important to their culture for example if those fall on a school day.


I think it’s quite wise of the Diocese of Covington to not have any further statements until the investigation is complete, as well as the legal process. If the Diocese rushed to judgment, it’s certainly on them. I’m not convinced they did as I can’t imagine the diocese and the school didn’t call some good lawyers before they put a statement up on the Web.

I hope if they send a bunch of kids to Washington or anywhere else in the future, they send some adult chaperones who are going to actually step in and be the responsible adults when there is any sort of interaction between the students and another adult in the vicinity.

With that, I will also refrain from making any more statements and just wait for the ultimate longform journalism piece on where all of this makework for the legal profession comes out.


Day 1: some liberals see video that validates their beliefs about the other
Day 2 : some conservatives see a longer video that validates their belief about the other.
Day 3 through ?: confusion ensues, some apologies, some dig in their heels

Fictional Day I hope for: Catholic HS students, Native Protestors and African American protesters link arms and take a bow. We were all acting and we let this play out to prove a point. Let this be a turning point in the history of social media in this country.


Apologies if this was posted elsewhere. I’m going to go put it in the other thread too.


Why would the Covington teachers, the organizers and the Diocese allow kids to wear MAGA hats during a Prolife March?


Who knows? Maybe they didn’t feel the need to disallow the hats because it’s the slogan of the current president who is at least ostensibly pro-life and supportive of the March. But what does that even matter?

I’m guessing that next year they won’t be wearing such hats, though. The video probably wouldn’t have gone viral without it.


Thanks for the link to the article. I definitely agree with Bishop Barron here. For me too, it was the horrible social media attacks and insults that just came out of everywhere, accusing and demonizing these young men without truth and justification that has me so bothered. He’s right, it is evil.

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