The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


Is it possible that some Church leadership is so enamored with being successful that they cower in fear of public perceptions?


Can I discuss this with you and get the truth out about why Trump is “at least ostensibly pro-life and supportive of the March.”

  1. I believe Trump is only throwing his ostensible support for prolife because he wants the winning swing votes of the Catholics.
  2. I believe that some, not all, of the conservatives who are prolife are more concerned about defunding planned parenthood more than the abortion because the Federal fundings are benefitting the Liberals who are using the services. So it has become more about the resources or public funds than abortion because the same conservatives are okay with the Liberals using their own money for their own abortion…


I’m still not sure what you’re getting at. I can’t really say for sure where Trump’s beliefs lie. If I were to find he was only throwing support to pro-life causes in order to win votes and that he personally doesn’t really give such things much thought, that wouldn’t surprise me. But not all pro-life people are suspicious of his motives.

I just mentioned that as a possible explanation for why people would be wearing the hat at a pro-life march.


That appears to be precisely the case to me.

They’re so terrified of offending anyone, that they won’t defend their own.

And they wonder why the church is shrinking in the US


Wouldn’t it be presidential or dignified for the president or any Catholic leader or Bishop to invite all the parties involved, Mr Philips, the Covington Catholic students, the Black Israelites for a private meeting to create some sense of unity among these Americans in a divisive country we live in. That would be a nice gesture in my honest opinion. If the president wouldn’t do that, at least, I hope the Catholic Church would in their best humility? :grinning:


I don’t believe that even if the President or a Catholic bishop tried to do this the groups would show up, except maybe the young men. After hearing the vile things being said about the Native Americans, the Catholic youth, and the Catholic Church by the Black Israelites I doubt the Black Israelites would want to be there. Maybe the Native Americans would attend but they didn’t have too many good things to say about the Church or those young men either, so I don’t see it happening.

God bless.


You know, the left tells us (rightly) not to paint all Muslims the same way when a radical Islamist shoots up a Christmas party or a gay nightclub.
They tell us not to paint all undocumented immigrants with the same brush when one kills someone either with malice or by negligence. And we shouldn’t.
But I guess it’s OK to paint all Catholic schoolkids and Christians in general with the same brush, isn’t it?
And the original narrative seems to be changing, too, it’s not so clear cut as a group of white kids harrassing people of color unprovoked.
The School and the Diocese have apologized but that’s not enough for the frenzied Mob that is calling for blood.


We don’t know that until someone makes the humble gesture of inviting them to iron out differences. The only one in my honest opinion who would be willing to be humble enough is the Catholic Church even it already apologized. The first one to do it is a hero to me…


The March for Life is not run by politicians. It is a privately-organized event.

Participants are invited to go to the offices of the Senators and Representatives and speak to them about pro-life issues. Some of the pro-life Senators and Representatives open the doors wide and welcome the marchers in person, or have an aide ready to greet and answer questions, while many of the pro-abortion Senators and Representatives keep their doors closed, or if they do allow marchers to come in, will send an aide to meet them.

This is our right as Americans–to petition those who represent us in our government and try to persuade them to vote a certain way on various issues. People do this all the time.

But the marchers are not required or expected to speak with their Representatives and Senators and many don’t. For many people, the March is a religious experience–I remember one year when a group was carrying a giant Rosary made out of BOWLING BALLS–they carried those heavy things around! I think it was probably a very good way to “suffer” for the sake of the unborn. Some people pray during the entire March.

Out of respect for the Office, the President of the United States is invited to speak at the March for Life, and in my memory (I could be wrong), every President except Pres. Trump has declined, so that is one reason why so many of us are excited that Pres. Trump has spoken two years in a row! Other politicians who are champions for pro-life policies will speak, and usually priests and/or pastors speak.

This happens at many different events in Washington, D.C.–the President is invited to speak. He (or she, someday) usually declines because they can’t speak at every event–there are dozens of marches and protests and walks every day!

Again, no one has to listen to the speakers at the March For Life. Many of the marchers are no where near the Speaker’s Podium and can’t hear anything that’s going on.

One thing that no one has brought up yet (unless I missed it in this thread) is that many groups show up at the March for Life. It’s really interesting and encouraging to see groups like “Lesbians for Life,” “Atheists for Life,” “Feminists for Life,” etc.

Along with these pro-life groups are groups that are not…savory, if you know what I mean. When we first went to the March, we were cautioned by our local pro-life groups to be very careful who we talk to. One of the groups that attended during the years that we went was a White Nationalist Group–kind of frightening.

I wonder if anyone warned the Covington students about this. Yes, as Christians, we want to reach out to everyone around us with the Good News of Jesus and His life-giving Gospel. But…we need to be wise and discerning, and high school students lack experience and “savvy” when it comes to filtering out those who do not have good intentions. I hope that this incident will be a wake-up call for teachers and parents who take children and teens to the March for Life–definitely take them, but caution them greatly in advance to be CAREFUL about approaching any group or permitting a group to approach them. Let the grownups go first.


Oh my my, I wonder what the people at the shrine did to deserve this!


I personally believe that this whole incident is a gift to Trump. The Kentucky boys took one for the team. I think this is equivalent to Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” gaffe - - this whole thing is political gold for the Republicans. I hope.


Apparently, the boys have been invited to the White House now.


Because typically Catholic schools try not to implement policies that would violate the first amendment (if they were a public school) unless the speech goes directly against the Catholic faith.

MAGA hats are morally neutral. There is nothing immoral about believing that America used to be a better nation/society than it is today and wanting it to be “great again.”

God Bless


Personally I don’t think anyone really won here. The boys got death threats. The press look incompetent for not doing their job. And people are going out of their way to say nasty things about Catholics because of this story. I don’t like how any of this turned out.


No, that’s the only potential silver lining in this cloud. Overall it is horrendous - - those boys are paying the price.


I’m unhappy with how everyone jumped to attack those boys. But now that the facts have come out less people will read up on them, because the initial story was so incredibly volatile


I don’t know if I would say “political gold,” but it’s another thing Catholics are going to remember come election time.


Not the behavior that would expect from a peace maker


And worse, there are a lot of people reading the recants on places like USA Today and still viewing the kids as guilt.

It’s going to take CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, the Washington Post and NY Times to really denounce how these kids were treated, without exception.

A number of the so-called recants I’ve read by these liberal outlets still point to guilt on the part of the teens and/or school.

And so many comments continute to villify the kids. Sickening.


This podcast episode, Re-capping the March for Life, from Trent Horn is very helpful:

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