The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


It seems that the three worst things these teens were guilty of were:

  1. They were in DC for a pro-life march.
  2. They came from a Catholic school. and worst of all:
  3. Some wore MAGA caps.


I was disturbed by it at first too, Grace. Fortunately I saw the photos of the Covington fans in “whiteout” and " blue-out" garb, too.
It’s frightening how quickly the media Catholic haters seized on that photo, reported it out of context and immediately reversed their backpedaling from the original false narrative.


As if that will happen, right?
This whole thing is at heart an attack on Roman Catholics and our pro-life beliefs.


I hope the moderaotors don’t close this in 5 minutes. It’s quite civilized overall, really, and the story is still unfolding. Well, no big, somebody can start a new one.


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