The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


Well, the information we initially got was that the kids were taunting Phillips, which is reprehensible behavior … and yeah, even if meant innocently, the hats didn’t help. The smile/smirk that was caught on the main kid in the usual still photo very much screams “entitled white kid being a jerkwad,” which is not something Catholics want to see from our young people at the March for Life.

Phillips seems to have believed he was protecting the kids and the African-American group from each other, defusing violence. The recent statement by the main kid indicates he was attempting the same thing, and felt he was the one being confronted and provoked.

Meanwhile, the African-American group are apparently the Black Hebrew Israelites, a nutty fringe sect who, I have read, show up at every major DC event and insult everybody, like a black pseudo-Jewish version of the Westboro Baptist Church. People who attend a lot of marches and protests know to ignore them, but the Covington kids likely did not.

It looks like there may, in fact, be issues with bigotry at Covington Catholic, so this whole thing will have good results if those are examined and addressed. But if the “main kid” is telling the truth about what happened (we should be skeptical of both narratives, after all, not just the initial one), then I hope he and his fellows don’t get “thrown under the bus,” as others have said. Of course, that kid had no control over the other kids, so it’s possible Phillips is equally telling the truth when he says there were yells of “Build the wall” from the group. Unfortunately, that does not sound entirely out of character for young people in a charged situation with a person of color, and we know some of them were proud Trump supporters. (And, of course, nastier things were being yelled at them by the BHI and possibly by one of Phillips’ companions.)

If you put all the stories together, you can see how the whole thing happened even if we credit both Phillips and the main kid with sincerely peaceful intentions. But it’s important we not just cling to the version we like best and jump wholeheartedly behind “our side,” whichever side that is.


The only fraud here is the national media, who jumped at the chance to paint a few Catholic high schoolers as racists.


What’s your problem? And what does this have to do with the pro-life issue?


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I mean nobody here brought up Trump, that’s on you. The rest of us are just having a civil conversation. You decided to get salty about politics.


Yep, just a troll account (created 22 minutes ago).

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Unless I’m confusing them, I’ve watched a couple of their YouTube videos. Whereas what they say is at time unintentionally comical, and they obviously set out to offend as many people as possible and cross as many lines as possible, I don’t think they are actually dangerous. More a mix of deranged and absurd.

But I can imagine that young and inexperienced boys could have misinterpreted the situation, or indeed Philpps could have.


BTW, this is the fifth thread on this topic. The active thread is at:

And in the last 75 posts or so the tone of it has definitely switched to the intentions of this thread.


Again and again. Why must the Forum suffer this?!


I have to be honest and admit my own bias and say that, my disgust at the boys was merely because of their MAGA hats (and the media spin) at first.

After looking over more video footage myself, I actually favor the high schoolers! They seemed mostly calm and confused.

When one of the Black Israelites yelled “FA**OTS!” and ranted about homosexuality, one of the boys replied: “They’re still humans!” That’s not a reply you’d expect if you followed the media narrative of who these students “really” are.

Will the media give the whole story? Will we see more video of the real instigators? No idea.

Having said all this, the MAGA hats were a poor choice for the context.


Here’s a really good summary of what we know so far


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Because it is a holiday weekend and the kids are out of school.


I’d take it to mean that they were waiting for the bus that had been chartered to take them to the March. And yeah… like @DeaconJeff mentioned, it can take ages for your bus to get to the pre-defined pick-up spot (especially if they pick a spot right in the middle of things).

That would also explain why they didn’t “just walk away.” They had been instructed to wait at that spot for their bus, and they were waiting for it to show up.


Where were the chaperones?

No matter who was doing what in terms of the students, there should have been adults present and ready to take action if needed to either keep the students safe or keep them under control. They certainly don’t appear in the videos.


The perfect storm. Here’s hoping lessons will be learned.


They were there


And Mr. Phillips is a known leftwing activist. His claim was that he was protecting the prey (the Black Israelite Group) from the beasts (the kids). Can’t get any sillier than this. It’s almost as if grown men can’t argue with adults, so they have to resort to harassing teenagers.


The students are apparently going to respond legally to the defamation. Whatever one thinks about both sides, I think it’s clear from the greater video showing the entire scene that the students may have a case. Including against their own administration. Be interesting to see how this shakes out.


And just as appalling, woman who did a caricature of the president or his son as dead [I can’t remember which] has called for the doxting of the boy that is in this news story. Doxting [mining information about someone, and publishing that information for the use of harassment ] is illegal.

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