The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


The video shows the exact opposite.


Kathy Griffin is a comedian who called for their names and held a decapitated head of Trump. In my opinion, she’s completely unhinged and something’s definitely not right with her.


Exactly. And people will immediately find fault with the kids in any way, shape or form (claiming it was a racist mob) and find little to no fault with the Native American man and the Hebrew Israelite men.


Apparently, according to the statement released by Nicholas Sandmann (the boy who was in front of the Native Vet and smiling), they obtained permission from their chaperone to sing their school chants in order to counteract the other group who were yelling at them.


Here’s Sandmann’s full statement:


I have no reason to not believe Nicholas Sandmann’s (main student’s) statement. It seems to align perfectly with what I see from the extended videos.

In no way am I friendly towards Trump, and (sadly?) I tend to be suspect of people wearing MAGA hats. However, when it comes to people profaning the Catholic faith like this, I will not let it stand. The students may have made a few poor decisions throughout the encounter, but it simply was NOTHING like what we were all first told to believe.


I’ve read at least 4 versions of this story:

  1. Kids confront NA man.
  2. NA man confronts kids.
  3. Kids confront group of black people. NA man caught in the middle.
  4. Black people confront kids, NA man tries to keep the peace, kids turn on NA man.

At this point, we are unlikely to know what really happened. Best not to comment.


I think the videos clarify which of the above is more plausible. Even news outlets like CNN are clarifying the story.

The kids certainly did not “confront” Mr. Phillips or the Native American group or the Black Israelites group in the sense that they deliberately gathered to be provocative and pick on them.

The videos quite apparently show the Hebrew Israelites group picking out the high school students, calling them vulgar names and insulting the Catholic Faith, as well as picking on the Native American group as well.


The problem with the truth coming out about the situation is that it gives a black eye to social media “shamers.”

Many people depend on using the internet as a means of shaming. If we take that away from them, what else have they got in their lives? What other joy? What other catharsis?

(I’m being sarcastic. Satirical. ).


I saw video showing #2.

NA man approaches kids with about 6 videographers with him videotaping him from different angles. He clearly walked into group of Catholics with his friends videotaping from different angles.

Then for next 5 minutes Black Protestors yelling racial slurs at Catholics:
“you guys look like school shooters”
“you guys have a [N word] among you? get him outta here and out here!”
“you guys are bunch of crackers”
“you guys know the Romans and Greeks were a bunch of [homosexual slur], right?”

Funny how CNN left out the Protestor video


The entire situation hasn’t shocked me. Rallies, Marches, and Protests usually involve highly emotional and vocal participants. It shouldn’t surprise anyone when people begin arguing, yelling, or having a standoff. Ideally, opposing group should be kept separate.

I would encourage the parents of the accused to get a lawyer immediately and file a defamation lawsuit.


This is why I really despise social media and some of the MSM more and more.
Rush to judgement before all the facts come out.
And both sides do it but I knew there was a lot more to this story than what was being initially reported.


So Catholic teenage students are not allowed to wear the hat of their choice? To the March for Life? Is this the liberal left “lets all be free” opinion? Nothing about this incident was about Trump but yet there are still those who can’t seem to accept, after two years, that he was elected president. Everyone has the right to choose whatever hat they want, even the disgusting pink female part representing hats worn at the “women’s march” in 2017.


But we do know what happened. The is almost 2 hours of video, 1 hour 45 mins I think, that shows what happened. The kids never confronted anyone, they never turned on anyone, they never instigated anything. They were being verbally abused by a fringe group and rather than engage in abuse they decided to started to do their school cheers. They remained in their group the whole time. In looking at the video, the unedited ones, the fringe group continued to yell slurs at the kids and Mr. Phillips walk toward them while beating his drum.

I feel the boys showed restraint in the situation by not reacting negatively to the situation. They have been vilified in the media, their live changed forever by something they did not do.


Why? That was the campaign slogan of the current President. They were in Washington DC. Attending an event the current President supports.


MSM Logic =

White Male
MAGA hat

= audience will believe whatever you tell them


Right. And I lived in Maryland for the past two years before moving out to the west coast and used to make trips to DC. There were (and most likely still are) many visitors who wore a MAGA hat of all stripes (white, african-american, asian, latino, young, old) every time I made it down there. Where I take issues is when people assume that one is a racist and bigot for wearing a MAGA hat and that it symbolizes hatred, oppression and intolerance. I think that in and of itself is quite ironic after this whole debacle.


Well, I sent a PM yesterday with a “hey, did you see this updated story” to the OP of a thread that was closed (closed before the real story came out), so he/she would see there was more to the story and to be cautious of fake news. Along a refusal to watch more than a couple of minutes of the linked video, I received this as the parting sentence: “Have a nice time telling yourselves it’s Nancy Pelosi’s fault that these thugs attacked a Vietnam Vet.”

Wow. Just wow.


Unfortunately, they aren’t far off with that logic. It’s been apparent by some of the comments on the forum for the past few days. Even when there are multiple retractions and updated new stories and videos.


That sounds like something you’d expect out of a troll, but that is a very old account. Still hard to believe that someone would genuinely react like that.

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