The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


I know. One of the first things I did after reading that reply was to check their account status. I can only hope they were just having a really bad day and responded out of emotion. However, some of their posts/replies on the thread were quite reactionary, so hopefully just a bad day and not an actual crisis of faith.


I’ve always thought “FAKE” is the wrong word for the news business. It is disrespectful to the word FAKE. The news business is worse than FAKE. FAKE actually elevates the news business WAY above their actual status.


I’m shocked that mainstream media would lie.


I heard the “build the wall.”


Re: consequences for the news lying about someone

Bearing false witness against one’s neighbor , is a mortal sin. AND in extension, wrecking someone’s reputation is a libelous action. Where are the law suits against those who not only try but destroy someone’s reputation AND also put people and their family’s safety in danger?


Nothing wrong w building a wall. Vatican has a wall.


Did you hear that, without a doubt, come from the mouth of one of those high school boys? Did you see them say it on a video?

“A lot of people were making videos of the incident. At least one of these videos, it appears, was taken by an ally of Phillips. Yet I haven’t come across a video that shows the Covington kids chanting “build the wall,” much less “attacking” black people as Phillips says.”


2019 seems to be off to a great start.


I’m guessing they’re having pretty intense meetings today, trying to figure out how to get out of the corner they’ve painted themselves into.


Phillips has already blatantly lied about his physical movements. I don’t believe anything he says, now.


:rofl::rofl::rofl:and a million more


I find this interesting. Wearing a hat, T-shirt or any badge etc. promoting any political party was considered grounds for suspension when I attended school here in the UK (and yes it was a Catholic school), especially if you wore those at a political rally. Obviously things are very different in the US.


Oh dear we’re not going down that road again are we. Have you been to the Vatican at all?


Yes, the US is a very different country. We’ve even been independent since 1776, Jharek friend! :wink:
I know, seems like only yesterday…


I don’t know if there really is another civil war coming. Maybe. But I do know that Satan rules the secular world, and by and large the secular world hates the Roman Catholic Church. This is abundantly clear in the thousands of vile, anti-Catholic slurs appearing on the internet this weekend. As Catholics, we will all have to decide sooner or later which kingdom we want to be in, as we won’t be able to inhabit both without perjuring ourselves.


I had a feeling it was misinformation.


Exactly I saw something on yotube this Saturday along the lines of “what can we expect from the Misogynistic Satan Worshipping Whore of Babylon? I hope and I know most of those cultists will rot in hell where they belong”. It had 150 upvotes


At first I condemned the boys when only the short video was available.

Now I am on the boys’ side after the other videos surfaced.

The racist, blasphemous, bigoted, heretical “Black Hebrew Israelites” were violently and obscenely harrassing the boys. The boys went into a sort of defense mode at the instigation of the racist heretics.


I’m not British either mate. It’ simply an interesting difference. Catholic schools here forbid pupils whilst in uniform from supporting party political events openly by displaying adherence to one party or another via clothing or tokens.


And along comes a diversion. Teens are insatiable for entertainment. How are they supposed to know the guy chanting in a foreign tongue is (supposedly) praying?

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