The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


From your article: “Large walls do surround most of the Vatican”

Thanks for proving my point


Nahh, what would make you think that? :smiley:

Seriously though, it’s getting scary. There are literally millions who are on the conservative/right wing/GOP supporting spectrum and who HATE those on the progressive/left wing/Democrat supporting end and vice versa.

It’s getting so bad that I and others are starting to compare it with those who were North vs South in the decades prior to the American Civil War.

The level of hatred and disgust with those across the aisle is intense and palpable.


A lighter take:
"At publishing time, one reporter had proclaimed that while the story concerning Covington Catholic and the Native American protester was factually inaccurate, it was “morally right.”


Except you’ve chosen to take that line out of the article and quote it in exclusion. The nonsense talked about the Walls around the Vatican by right wing politicians in the US is chronically funny. If you go there as the article points out these deadly walls are not any impediment to people walking straight in and out of Rome and to the Vatican and your main deterrent are some police who will ask you to a rather cursory search.

A follow up to this is often, ‘If the Pope cares about these refugees so much why doesn’t he have them all come live in the Vatican’.


Some are more entertaining then others, if only for the child-like language and reasoning skills.
I was gonna flag but it’s already hidden.


I never asserted walls surround entire Vatican. I said Vatican has a wall and your article supports what I said.


I seriously think the president should buy those boys some burgers and pose with them, all wearing MAGA hats.


Yes very different in US

Free speech

Right to defend yourself



We do have guns here, lots of 'em.
Well, the more conservative part of the population does, anyway. :sunglasses:


They’re satanic hate preachers. They’re absolutely dangerous.


Ah yes I thought we’d see those tropes roll out, with the attendant underlying assumption that only in this one nation on Earth is freedom enshrined. Pupils in Catholic (or other faith schools) in the UK are usually in a very highly disciplined school system and since you agree to wear an uniform wearing things that are not part of it breaks the code of conduct around that. Simple as that. Exceptions such as wearing a parent or grandparent’s medals on certain days of the year are about all I can remember been tolerated. Even then that was only for that one day and when I was at school as we had a lot of pupils like myself whose famileis had moved over from Ireland the school choose to not allow that as rows started when some pupil chose to wear a mixture of Irish and British medals due to family history.


They have a presence in the UK as well where they cause an annoying amount of issues by trying to foment the notion in younger black people’s heads that white people are devils. More intelligent people of all backgrounds ignore them.


Some of the early articles seemed to refer to Mr. Phillips as a Vietnam War veteran. Some refer to Vietnam War Era veteran which is a loser term with a broader meaning. This has probably been used in the media , I would assume to elevate his credibility and worthiness of respect, (if he indeed was a soldier in Vietnam.) If he did so, ok. However, it implies he is 64. In all likelihood he would not have seen action in Vietnam due to his age. For the most part the actual fighting for Americans was over by the end of 1972 or very early 1973. From then Until the final removal from the roof of the embassy in 1975 it was largely closure. In any case if he did serve there, so be it. He identifies as a Former Marine. Perhaps if he wants to identify as this he should have records of his service. The math doesn’t add up. He seems to be a regular on the protest scene.

I didn’t see anything in the videos that I viewed that imply the boys did anything wrong. I am not sure I could have just stood there and smiled as the one boy did with someone pounding a drum in my face. If anybody there exemplified the spirit of MLK, it was this boy. Pacifism and courage. Also some of the things said to the black teenager with the Catholic group were Reprehensible.


Okay now that isn’t funny and I’d be hoping Mr. Morrissey’s employer’s would be having a word with him about that tweet.


Kyrie Eleison. Such things make me sick.


Hopefully two words: “You’re fired.”


Yep, that’s not acceptable imagery to be sticking up when talking of school pupils. It certainly is way out of line.


Good to know what we’re up against. Some of the FB comments express this same wish, in words. Many of those comments explicitly mention Catholics as targets.


It’s gonna be the BEST :roll_eyes:


That’s the Tweet of a disturbed individual who should see a Professional. Most people wouldn’t think of such a thing much less proclaim it publicly :worried:

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