The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


I only posted it here so those on the fence can see the sheer murderous rage at work.


Comments like that definitely warrant legal action.

Furthermore, as someone who’s operated an industrial wood chipper, I cannot imagine a more terrible death.


I believe the statement of Mr. Sandmann. Videos back him up. It is the Black Hebrews who should be called out for their provocative profanities directed at the peaceful students.


Morrissey’s Twitter feed is now private.


COuld you identify the time point in the video where you heard the kids chant that? CNN went through the video and did not hear it. So I would like to hear what you heard.


As it should be. I assume that he’s not well. Unfortunately, He’ll need a new job in about 48 hours.


I would think he’ll be radioactive, even for Hollywood.


The MSM has always looked for things to focus on after the Marches for Life. I used to live outside DC, my family subscribed to the Washington Post. We’d go to the March for Life every year and check the paper for the story the next morning…the stories and accompanying pictures always downplayed the March and would show the pro-abortion counter protesters—who are always minimally represeted…like 50, maybe.

They saw this confrontation and decided to run with it, and then seriously damaged the reputations of several boys.

I suggest to anyone who wishes to do penance for unfairly judging the boys, that they read LifeSite and Church Militant for a week straight.


Chernyobl level of radioactivity and by that mean just after the leak there. That’s a fairly ridiculous comment, this is a stupid spat between some people on a street and no matter who you believe has the right of it suggesting (using images borrowed from other movies) that people be fed through woodchippers is not funny. It’s not black comedy in this case and Mr. Morrisey has 10,000 or so followers and works for a major company that produces kid’s entertainment. Not responsible behaviour.


Let us PRAY that he and others amend their ways and learn to be respectable adults.


We can pray for that. And pray they never get absolute power.


The image has been pulled. Hopefully the moderators can understand why I posted it. I find this level of hate terrifying, and think all should know it’s out there.
Otherwise, well, nice knowin’ y’all.


Get this up while I still can. :roll_eyes: Going on 19,000 now!


The situation today is more akin to Spain in the early 1930’s than to America in the late 1850’s. It’s worth studying what happened in Spain in that decade before dismissing this comparison out of hand.


Some are being held accountable:


I find that the people who are so quick to accuse others of those charges, are actually describing themselves.


I think it’s more likely that, like many, they reacted to the first video too quickly and without investigating the whole situation. They need to correct the situation now and issue a new statement immediately.


It’s almost beyond comprehension that they haven’t retracted their statements. The lack of a retraction is just feeding into the stereotype that Catholic bishops are inept at dealing with difficult situations.

It’s really sad to see the bishops of Kentucky make such rash judgments, and then not retract them.

Lay people should issue a statement saying they are disappointed in their bishops’ behavior, and that their bishops’ behavior doesn’t reflect the values of the Catholics in the diocese, and they will take action, including withholding donations.


Did you create this petition or are you just passing it on. I’d be interested in signing it, although I think there are some mis-representations in this petition as well. I wouldn’t say that the boys in the original video looked “enamored”. Some of them looked like they were having fun and even enjoying the music. Some of them looked understandably confused. A couple were obviously mocking the activist, which is now far more understandable given the context. It was presumed that they were mocking his music or culture, when it’s probably more likely that they were mocking his bizarre and aggressive behavior. Then there is “tomahawk kid”, who could probably still use a stern talking to regarding how to express disdain for a person’s behavior without making gestures that are offensive to their race or culture. The thing that disturbs me the most is that the kid in the fore-ground of the video seems to be the one who caught the most flack in this incident and he seems to be the one who used the most restraint of all. I do home the school and diocese issue a new statement very soon. Even some of the news sources have backtracked somewhat on this story.


Well, it is a holiday weekend? Maybe we’ll hear that statement tomorrow?

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