The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


No, I didn’t create it. I’m guessing it was parents and / or boosters.
They need all the love and support they can get right now. As well as, unfortunately, armed protection when they do reopen.


They’re probably fine-spinning it even as we speak. The are going to have to answer to a lot of upset familes.


A lot of veterans who served this country and suffered for it wear that hat. I think the most charitable thing is to assume someone wearing it believes in what MAGA stands for.


It would be prudent for the diocese to put out a new statement before these boys return to school. I can’t imagine the oppression these boys will feel when they walk into a school that is under the authority of a diocese which has unjustly condemned them. How does the faculty react? How do any priests, seminarians, or Brothers and Sisters associated with the school react?

If my son was involved, I would consider having him stay home until the diocese retracted it’s statement, including a full apology.


Last I heard they’ll be closed tomorrow, at the request of law enforcement.
Kids won’t have classes. Just another ripple effect of an irresponsible media.


Except that there is no fascism, racism, etc seen by any of these young men through the whole video, which lasts for almost two hours.

The students were the victims of the vile attacks.

In parts of that two hour video, there are some pretty aweful things said about Catholicism in general also.


I’ve never been so energized about anything on social media as I have about this, other than abortion which is a regular thing I rail against often on FB. I guess it’s all about the kids. As annoying as they are sometimes, they’re kids, and I love 'em all. It’s as simple as that.


It’s probably for the best that they put a LOT of thought into whatever they say.


Maybe they could issue it in Latin…buy some time.


I think the intelligent thing to do is the reserve judgement until further evidence comes up. In my area, there are a LOT more racists wearing that hat than veterans. I don’t think it’s out there to see that hat and think “look out- possible racist”. However, one shouldn’t assume just based on that.


I am pretty upset by this whole situation.

What I see is a group of Catholic teens who went to the March for Life to do something good and the whole thing turns into a nightmore for them, because adults are throwing insults at them, getting in their face, accusing them unjustly and then to top if off, threatening their life.

I suggest we add these youth to our daily rosary. Teen years and high school are difficult enough.

God bless


I guess that is what I am wondering. How do you know that these, a LOT, of people are all racists?

I agree with your last statement, we shouldn’t judge a person based on their hat. It could be they are just “republican” and not racist.


Another petition. Good. I’ll sign 'em all.


I live in the South and hardly ever see any MAGA hats or bumper stickers. Nor have I witnessed any outward racism since I’ve lived here…

but my Yankee cousins are always telling me how racist and backward the South is.

Yet they’ve only been here once!


I don’t need to know their life story. I’ll just see an American, wearing a Make America Great Again hat.


I drove down there a few times while spending a few months in Evanstucky, IN (yeah, locals call it that). Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri. Some of the nicest folks I’ve ever met.


Have you ever heard the joke about vegetarians? I mean the one that goes, “How can you tell a vegetarian? You don’t have to. They tell you.” Rabid racists are generally like that. I personally have not met anyone wearing such a hat that was not taking that public of an approach to their racism. I know lots of republicans. They don’t wear that hat. Most republicans I know are not really in love with Trump and oppose him in lots of ways. I do know a few who have raised him to the pedestal of “not that bad” or “give him a chance” or “at least he’s for thus and so”, but none so much that they go around wearing MAGA on their clothes.


I’ve always wanted to walk around Berkeley wearing one. Maybe after I put my affairs in order.


As of now the diocese website still prominently features a condemnation of these boys.


Maybe they’re all just kind of…frozen in place.

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