The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


I don’t live in California. I live in St. Louis. Which is in Missouri.


They could at least pull the old statement, even if they aren’t ready for a new one.


That is so sad.


If you ever try, you might want to bring someone with you for backup.


There’s some pics of Covington basketball fans in other colors than black on the other Covington thread, btw.


No, it’s the fact that there are unholy attitudes related to the MAGA hat.

Don’t be blinded to this fact.

You may be a Trump supporter. You may be a Republican. Fine.

But don’t pretend for a minute that a MAGA hat doesn’t have any negative connotations recognizable to most people.

This is precisely why many people wrongly interrupted the intent of the young boys, in the first place. Because a bunch of white boys in MAGA hats next to a minority group automatically – fairly or not – suggests something, and I think you don’t gotta be an expert to know this.

Look at how people utilize Trump’s words and positions for their own extreme views. Remember the white nationalism popping up in our country, justifying their public expression thanks to Trump.

Or else this entire trending incident wouldn’t have even happened – if people did not “gut-interpreted” it in those terms.


Why? Because I, in my conscience, which is guided by the Catholic Church, does not see Trump or his policies or his behavior as representing the teachings of Christ or the social teachings of the Church.

If you think differently, fine.

But there. There’s my reasoning.


According to the Native American activist, he witnessed the confrontation between the boys and the other activists and was trying to “break it up”. Assuming he is being honest, I suspect he assumed that the boys started the confrontation because of the MAGA hats. I’m not saying it was right of him to be aggressive toward a teenage boy and beat a drum in his face and I’m certainly not saying that it was right of the other activist that was with him to start screaming profanity at them. I think it’s highly possible that the Native American activists witnessed the yelling back and forth, saw the hats, assumed (incorrectly) that the boys were the ones in the wrong, and got involved without really knowing what they were even looking at. Sort of like everyone else did after they watched it. If I was organizing this trip, I’d have told them to leave the hats at home. It was supposed to be a pro-life rally, not a pro-Trump rally. I’m aware that many people see Trump’s policies and rhetoric as appealing to racism and I think that damages the prolife message to conflate the two.


Yes, the boys are definitely not at fault in the way everyone first alleged they were. I’m not sure if they are fully let off the hook or not, but what happened is not what everyone had previously thought.

What I am saying is that the MAGA hats probably led to a skewed interpretation (in part). I don’t even think MAGA hats belong at a pro-life march. But alas, that gets beyond the thread’s current topic.


What you have to understand is that in the US, there is a profound pro-abortion bias in the mainstream press.
This is not the first time misinformation has been spread against pro lifers. It goes back decades.
As for DJT, he’s just a convenient excuse for the MSM to continue with their prolonged two-year temper tantrum that their own preferred candidate didn’t win, despite their best efforts.


So what am I supposed to make of this?


Snopes is a really accurate site for urban ledgends and a notoriously poor site for political stuff.
A “color out” is used to show support for your te, or for a cause, like a pink out for breast cancer research.
What that kid was doing was not black-face.
Black-face was a minstrel-show-era entertainment whereby white singers would use dark makeup on their faces and hands and sing in the accents and style of black entertainers. For some people, it was meant to mock blacks, for others, it was innocently insensitive.
Anyhow, blackface isn’t done anymore, and we really don’t need to bring it back, either.


Again…doesn’t seem like you and many others do their due diligence before coming to a sound conclusion. These were “blackout games” where students would paint themselves completely black (notice how everyone is wearing black). Due to the sensitive nature of painting one’s face black, schools have changed the rules around this. Some schools have neon color nights for games as a theme or one where students wear all pink for a fundraiser. The intent is to inspire school spirit, not racism, and every race/ethnicity is welcome to attend these events.

With all due respect (and I mean this kindly and sincerely), it seems like you really want to make these kids out to be racist and I’m asking you to please consider the alternatives. God bless.


If anything, I think the onus should be on adults (parents or supervisors at these schools) to tell these kids not to paint their faces black due to it being misconstrued as racism. I’m trying to stay neutral in this case as I don’t know the true intent of these kids (who really knows), but I would guess that they were not being racist, but being extremely naive.


Interestingly, we are now learning that the viral spread of this was done initially by a fake Twitter account and amplified by a network of anonymous accounts:

I’m not excusing the MSM for running with this without doing any due diligence (which is shameful), but you can see how the perpetrators intentionally put out a short video that looks bad before you learn the context, knowing that if they can make it quickly go viral, the mainstream media (who are all in a rush to beat each other to breaking news) will be forced to cover just the short video.

[BTW, I posted this in the other thread, too, because this seemed a key development to understanding the full story here.]


Whatever happened after the March for Life the reality is that this kind of behaviour has become legitimized for some people since the arrival in the White House of an administration which tacitly encourages such outbursts.


You mean unprovoked attacks on pro lifers?
I think this is more provoked by statements such as “We’ll be civil when we’re back in power {paraphrased}”.

Don’t start the pretending game where all the ugly is coming from the right. Seriously, don’t go there.


With this thread part of it , yes I thoroughly agree . :smile:


Why not?
And end of abortion would make this country great again… wouldn’t it?
Likewise the supreme court appointments as well as his administration participation in the pro life march would seem to place our president squarely in the pro life camp.


One day some years ago, my confessor told me about a journalist who bragged by saying, “I killed him with my pen.”

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