The truth about the Catholic High School Boys


Respectfully toward, nicely said also and agree. Being very very surprised also that… each of the students pictures were… perfectly taken of them from that pro-life rally, interesting who was there to do so???

Agree why? why? did the administration with priest there… chaperones there… rush to publish an apology without an investigation first…and the word used by the Catholic Administration were … We condemn… and also given within the very interview of Mr Phillips on CNN not showing the all of all the videos even yet nor investigated by journalist before airing?

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Respectfully opinion only because they are wearing a hat with a logo on it letting other’s know who they stand with should not assume they are there to start something really? What about all other many many t-shirts, hats? with names on? logos on and used by other candidates also?? Advertisers? Jewelry with logos and symbols on also, does that give anyone the right to force others not to do so if one does not like the logo and meaning? symbols and meaning? name? Candidate of such and such also? So are we all going to stop purchasing from retailers their products… if they vote for a different candidate also now?? Confused and who is pushing this way of thinking?



Pardon? This is my first post in this thread.


You’re really stretching with that. For starters, it’s not really pertinent to what actually happened at the March. Nobody would be digging into Covington High School if this entire episode weren’t so poorly reported by the media. And black out games are meant to be in support of team spirit. There’s zero racial connotations going on there.

It seems like you’re on the side that is trying to find a reason to dislike the Covington kids, even if it’s irrelevant to the events for which they were mercilessly attacked and vilified for.


I have never heard “MARA.”

It seems to me that when evil people hijack something good and make it bad, the good people shouldn’t just abandon the good thing, but rather, should boldly TAKE IT BACK from the evil people and boldly proclaim it as the good thing that it really is.

There is nothing evil about a slogan to “Make America Great Again,” just as there is nothing evil about Pres. Obama’s campaign slogan (“Change We Need”).

For those who don’t live in the United States, I know that some of you are offended by the pride that we Americans visibly show in our nation. I have a German friend who is appalled by the American flags that are EVERYWHERE in our country–every business, school, and many homes fly the flag.

But that’s the way we are and always have been, and I am not ashamed to Stand UP for our flag and the country it stands for, and I am not ashamed to say with President Trump, “Let’s make America great again!” My only problem with the slogan is that I think we’re already GREAT!

Lots of people take the BIBLE or the Catholic Church and make it into something evil. Does this mean we should not use the Bible or be part of the Catholic Church? Of course not!


I get what you’re saying. I do however disagree about the MAGA hats. I think they were being used to self identify what side of the abortion debate they were on, rather than as an endorsement of Donald Trump


I was referring to American society in general not this one issue.

I’m afraid I don’t know for what DJT and MSM are abbreviations.


Shame on the school and diocese. A public statement from the school and the diocese is definitely called for, defending and supporting these boys.


She was referring to President Trump (DJT) and the mainstream press (MSM). And really I’d be careful about forming opinions of what’s happening in the US by watching foreign or even American media. It’s not going to give you a very accurate picture of what’s actually happening below the surface.



I asked what I’m supposed to make of the photo. In the first post I shared in this thread.


It’s called a blackout. It has something to do with sports. There are also white outs where everyone dresses white and blue outs where everyone dresses blue.


You’re to make nothing of it. Because it’s not relevant to the controversy and it’s not racist. It’s an attempt to damage the school that they go to and paint them as racists.


Great! Then say that instead of “you’re really stretching with that” and “it seems like you’re on the side that is trying to find a reason to dislike the Covington kids.” You don’t know anything about my thoughts on this subject.


The one thing this story and this thread makes me want to do more than anything else is go out and buy a “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” hat!


DJT=Donald J Trump
MSM=MainStream Media


You’re the one that brought it up, so I’m assuming that you have a negative view of the Covington kids or at least their school. Of course it’s certainly wrong of me to assume that’s true, however surely with all the smears they’ve faced you can see how it looks from the perspective of someone that feels the need to defend these kids from further attacks and misrepresentations


No, I can see how it looks from the perspective of someone itching for a fight with anyone who asks a question. No thanks.


I don’t really think that’s a fair characterization of my position. The problem I think is that I’m more direct about these things. So let’s hear your position on the Covington kids. You’ve said I don’t know what it is, so please do enlighten me so I can better understand and we can have a more fruitful discussion.


This, exactly.

Because the MSM media says, a lot of people with MAGA hats are racists, and because tjhey repeat it often enough, this somehow becomes a de-facto truth.


Don’t worry about that. There are also a lot of Europeans (myself included) who admire America becuase it is a country where yoiu don’t have to be ashamed of or hide your patriotism. Keep it that way in America, and I hope that one day such displays will be normal here too.

Most people I know are pretty patriotic underneath, but they won’t talk about it until they trust you because they are so afraid of the negative backlash that is being cultivated by the media over here. Germany is just about one of the worst countries for this. But I see signs that things are changing and that the MSM are losing ground and influence in Europe too.

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