The Truth about the word of God!


God first

The Truth about the word of God!


This question and more will try to answer for you in this research paper I am trying to do. The bible is said to be the word of God and a lot people read as God’s holy word but is it? This was book was given credit to Prince James by one version for putting it out.

But the word of God said no man wrote but holy men write God’s word and we learn that God does not change yesterday or even today. So who are these holy men and when did they write these books and others books that are not in the bible.

We must note that no man can add to the word of God but is that talking each book wrote or the whole book. We talking each book by its self because they were not put into together first but where wrote as books that stand alone first.

Man added chapters to them and put in one book to control what taught to all people around the world. Man took the credit from God claim that he did a great thing but man was wrong for his deed. And the first bible there were more books you can look it up yourself and King James was the first to see a reason to control things.

The books in the bible are God’s holy word but not the bible itself you read every bible and somewhere men will take some part into it. How can that be man was not around when the word of God was written? God’s word is the same yesterday and today books being wrote before Moses wrote Geneses and after Revelation was wrote.

Now I do not see a need to begin read other books if you have not read the bible but if you had read the bible a few times have fun but take all things with a gain of salt. Otherwise be careful has you may find things that make no sense.

Like in the book of Enoch who will read that angel mating with men kind but that not what God saying an angel is a messenger of God otherwise the children of Cain married the children of Seth. It has been poorly translation from its original tongues or language.

As I try to answer your every question I find myself as only human because I am sure can find questions that will not have answer for you but I like to try. Thank you with love and a holy kiss as the word tells me to greet you with love Roy.


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God first

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