The truth and pride


Humility is the truth. What if you are indeed better than someone else? I cannot imagine ever killing another human being. I know I have great self-control with myself that area. It is difficult for me to understand “all sins are equal.” A person who fails to forgive, lives in the past, and destroys his/her own sanity. A person who is gluttonous simply spends too much money or time on food. A fornicator is at least enjoying themselves but they may risk pregnancy, breaking someone’s heart, breaking someone’s marriage, a poor reputation. Judgment and self-righteousness, what are the shortcomings there?


What is so wrong with correcting someone often? One of my sister seems to not like and avoids me because I challenge her perception/perspective on things. I am not judgmental. I tell her as a Christian that is not good behavior. Maybe for non-Christians or those raised differently that is OK? I tell her how I honestly would have handled a situation differently because I think more rationally than she does, I am less naive and I have more patience - all this angers her.


We all fall short of the glory of God. We are all sinners and none of us deserve to go to heaven based on our own merits. Otherwise God wouldn’t have sent His Son to die for our sins. All sins are not equal in severity, but they are all equal eligible for God’s gift of forgiveness if a person is truly penitent. Trying to figure out who is the worst of us is kind of useless when we know that except by God’s grace we all deserve to go to hell. We can judge behavior but judging a person is reserved for God alone.


You should read this thread
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IT’s nearly the same situation. Oddly enough.


You are right. That is very interesting.


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