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Its so sad seeing how people on this great planet of ours are manipulated and brainwashed since birth by a religion that gives Muslims the right to kill anyone who leaves Islam. It’s so sad to think that they actually believe they will be rewarded in Heaven by killing a fellow human being that God has created. My God, do Muslims actually think they will enter heaven with 72 virgins by their side. How can any normal person think heaven is a big sex orgy, it’s truly sick to think that God will slave 72 innocent souls to one man. Come on really, God would never slave souls in heaven, God is much too pure and kind to slave innocent souls. God actually freed slaves back in the time of Moses as I’m sure you all read. Sex is the human way of thinking here on earth not the heavenly way of thinking. Heaven is pure Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness, God is Love not Hate. Gods kindness is beyond words, there are no words in any languages on this great earth of ours to describe Gods pure love and kindness. Its sad to think that Muslims believe that any Muslim women who doesn’t wear the higab will actually due time in hell being hung by their hair which totally depicts God as vengeful an cruel. I pray one day that Muslims see God as pure Love and benevolence, and so so compassionate and certainly not malevolence and cruel. The hate fanatic Muslims has just shows the world that they are consumed and brainwashed by pure hate which another words is evil. I pray one day that hate will become Love, some say that’s impossible, but with Christ everything is possible. Christ = Love. Love one another, love thy enemy, Why can’t they see that love equals happiness, just open your mind your heart your soul up to Love, I believe Christ is a shining example of what Love means, I am so proud to say I am a Christian who found the light in Christ, being born a Muslim gives the insight to the truth and the way.
As a child I’ve witnessed my mother being tortured by fanatics in the name of their Prophet, all because she found the Love in Christ and chose him and would never convert back to Islam. My mom actually seen our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ several times, the last time was 7 years ago after having a stroke, she actually died for 2 minutes and had a NDE near death experience. Mom made it to the white light and immediately felt so so much love peace and joy beyond any words, she tried to describe to me what she felt, she said to me do you remember the happiness and joy you felt as a child(no worries no pain) then multiply that childhood happiness by a million. So after she entered the light she felt everything looked so familiar and felt she was back home, but did not want to go back to earth. After embracing and meeting her guardian angel(spirit guide) who is always with her on earth who’s name is Sam, our Loving Savior Jesus Christ came to her and told her telepathically your mission is not finished yet, you still have much more to do on earth, she understood right away why she has to go back to earth. She described Jesus as pure light, light rays shining out of him everywhere, the light looked alive with so much holy love and peace and joy, the heavenly beauty she witnessed is once again beyond words. After seeing Christ a miracle happened, the next day she was so well the doctor said you can go home, the doc told me this was a first for him and stated that no one ever goes home the next day after dying. Within a week she was able to walk again, this after half of her body was paralyzed. There are hundreds of thousands of people who of had near death experiences which is identical to my mothers near death experience, which is well documented, please just research it.
My family has witnessed true miracles from Christ such as my brother being completely cured from Muscular Dystrophy, and beautiful visions of Christ and Heaven. God has given us a gift on this earth and that gift is Free Will, no one on this earth has the right to say who we can and cannot believe in. Unfortunately free will does not exist in the middle east, I pray that one day Free Will will shine everywhere on this earth.
My message to all is open your mind, your heart and your soul to Love, I promise you, you won’t regret it. Just open your mind to the possibility that there’s something else out there besides Islam. One question, why do you think the Holy Virgin Mary has frequently appeared to thousands of Christians and Muslims on top churches in Egypt? These apparitions has also been witnessed by many Muslims as well. The apparitions have been recorded and documented on video(please research the apparitions if you don’t believe or have doubts), but the Virgin Mary has never appeared over any Mosques anywhere whatsoever. So the question is why she appeared over churches and not over mosques, the answer is she know the truth and the way is with Christ our Lord, God Blessl


Dear loveoneanother7,

I pray that God Bless you with His Love, and the Virgin cradle you in her arms forever.

What a testimony.

Yes, we have hope. The war and violence in Islam is a bad fruit of its spiritual depravities, the primary of which are its utter rejection of the Trinity and Incarnation, and its insistence that Christ is not the final WORD to humanity.

But the mystics are positive. Christ shall abandon humanity into the consequences of its errors. The deficiciencies of Islam, the deficiencies of Orthodoxy, the deficiciencies of Heresy, the deficiencies of Infidelity, and the deficiencies of total apostasy (atheism and relativism) shall be shown for what they are. For those that believe their darknesses are really light shall see their darknesses for what they are, and when they do, they shall then see the true light, the Catholic Church, who will shine gloriously in that darkness. And all the spiritual foreign lands shall come home to Rome, and their shall be a great peace, a great rejoicing.

we must be patient. God’s Love is about to be poured out in mercy upon humanity. A great reconciliation is imminent, but first, the painful spanking.

God Bless you, in your courage, loveoneanother7!

In Her Love,
:slight_smile: :gopray:


May God bless and keep you always.

One quibble:

Rights come from God, not from men. Imams cannot give Muslims the right to kill anyone, for they have no such right. They will be judged, as shall we all, and had better hope God’s mercy is greater than that they’ve shown their fellow men.


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