The Truth is the Truth no Matter What


God gave me this idea while I was driving to work. What do you guys think?

As Catholics, we MUST follow what God has given us, as what He has given us is the Truth. God gave us all the laws, doctrine, traditions, customs, etc. that we must follow. We can’t just pick and choose what we like. That’s ridiculous. God never changes. Truth never changes. If we think we can change the Truth/God then we are being foolish. We MUST change ourselves to be like God.

Think of it like this: in algebra you must follow all the instructions as they are no matter what. If you don’t like part of the instructions and choose to not do something or do it differently, then your answer will be wrong. The rules are the rules and we must realize that we must always follow them, and that the rules never ever change. Likewise, God and what he has given us must be followed in the same way. God and the Truth never change, and we must follow them WORD FOR WORD, otherwise our “answer” at judgement will be wrong.

What sayeth youse guys?


I sayeth unto thee, this shall be posted unto the forum of philosophy.


Thanks for the suggestion. Philosophy makes much more sense. :smile::+1:


I’d be concerned about your statement, especially given your participation in the other thread where you indicated that it was somehow against Catholicism to attend an important service of someone who is in another religion. As long as we don’t participate in communion we CAN attend funerals, weddings, etc of other religions.

You should ensure you know the rules before you create guidelines pertaining to those rules.


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