The truth of Goth


Are goths evil?
Goths consider themselves witnesses of the horrific. The media interprets this as meaning they are the perpetrators. Goths are peaceful and respectful in a way that would put most norms to shame.

    **     Do goths think they are/want to be vampires?**
          No. Some goths think that vampires are very cool, others think the     whole concept is stupid. In general, goths are not crazy. There     are always fringe people that attract media attention, but this     problem is not unique to the gothic world.

  [size=4]**   Is Marilyn Manson a goth? **
 **No.** Among adult goths, there is an unusually strong       consensus.  Manson is considered more of an Ozzy Osbourne type shock rocker.   [/size]
   [size=4]** Are goths religious?       **
    Some are, some aren't. All goths are in love with religious imagery, though,   because of its power, darkness, and intangibilty.        [/size]


I know a couple of goths. What you say is true. To me, goth is just one more subculture…although I have no desire to embrace it.


Let me go on record to say, Goths are some of the best people I have ever known.

My nephew was a Goth. He now works two jobs to support his wife and three (soon to be four) children.

My second Goddaughter is a Goth, as are many friends. They are also straight edges. All good kids.

God love the Goths!!! :thumbsup:


You know I’ve always got along with Goths. If one would say anything negative about them as a group I guess it would be that they often are romantics and sometimes take the crushing of those ideals hard. Still that really isn’t that uncommon. Other than that they seem to always be color coordinated. :smiley:


In my experience, people are people are people. Whatever the subculture, there will be a wide range of attitudes, behaviors, degrees of fitting the stereotypes (or not fitting them). Group descriptors are useful as a starting point, but it all comes down to the individual.


Actually, I think the best way to outreach to a Goth is take them to a sanctioned Tridentine Mass–I think the great majority would really dig the ceremony, the ritual, the atmosphere of reverence–or perhaps to a Eastern Rite Catholic Mass as well.



Plus I’m sure they’d also dig the Latin language used.


My Goth Goddaughter went to the Vatican last year!
She loved it! :thumbsup:


We also have the best music :smiley:

It’s not so much a subculture as it is a personality type (though there is a lot of crossover with punks) – goths know their own not necessarily by how they dress (although we do tend to dress very well and noticeably), but how they think and act. It’s all so very mysterious :o

Also, just for giggles…


Goth-ness appears to be more about style than anything else, just as the pegged pants and the duck-tail hairstyles were in my day.

As I have hit my 60s, I have come to the conclusion that every generation has the right to adopt such a style of dress and personal appearance that 30 years down the line they will look at pictures of themselves and say, “I can’t believe I looked that stupid on purpose!” :stuck_out_tongue:



There comes a time when one can no longer pull off fishnets, knee-high combat boots, and pvc skirts, but the way I see it you should rock it while you got it :wink:

Plus, even when you’re past the point of wearing that stuff, Victoriana’s always in style :smiley:


Are you talking about the kids that wear all black :eek: I fear my son is headed that way and he is only 8:eek: :eek: Should I be afraid or is it a temporary fashion statement that I will have to endure:(


Are you talking about the kids that wear all black I fear my son is headed that way and he is only 8 Should I be afraid or is it a temporary fashion statement that I will have to endure

Its great that you are taking an active interest in what your son is doing. For the most part I think he’s probably just enjoying the style and music. Remember no matter what if you are taking an active interest in your son’s life you will be his biggest influence. The kids that lose their way more often than not are having to find their own direction in life and this is irregardless of their prefered styles.

I’d just keep showing him wisdom and your ethics and morals as well as simply loving and supporting him and he should be fine. Besides there are worse things than a pentient for black clothes. To be honest I think goth style is kind of cute I’m to old for it myself but I think the kids look neat.

6 Train [a] a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6


DO NOT be afraid of this.
Let him have his black. It’s either Goth or Johnny Cash!

Seriously, even the piercings can be taken out when the time is right.

My nephew has his tongue pierced. He is the Manager for the Largest Movieplex in Cleveland. No one minds and he said he would remove it if anyone does.

Goths are wonderful people.
Last summer when my Goddaughter came up, she brought a friend with purple hair. I thought, oh no, these kids are going to think I am so lame.
They were wonderful.
The friend is a champion swimmer in her Catholic High School.
They even took me to Hot Topic.
My eight year old walked in (I watched what my kids were looking at, FOR SURE) and said, "What is that noise?"
It was the music they were playing overhead. :smiley:


You could try putting itching powder in all of his black clothes…cruel, but effective. :smiley:



Thnaks guys for the reassurance. I actually dont allow him to wear all black. He just keeps talking about it constantly. I think he just wants to do everything I dont want him too!!!:frowning:

Itching that is a good one. LOL I would never have thought of that!


nah, all it means is he has his own sense of style :slight_smile: I’d go ahead and let him (actually, I expect if I ever have kids they’ll be wearing black onesies from birth… the little gothlings would have to wear bright pink and safety orange to rebel against me)


LOL :rotfl: :rotfl:


LOL I let my dd wear whatever she likes. I honestly think she would look worse if I dressed her. As long as it’s just clothes, I say Who cares?! kids like to develop their own style. Let 'em.

It’s not the outside of them that’s important, it’s the inside of them.:wink:


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