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"Breaking the Mormon Code," by Matthew Paulson, is a well-written critique of Mormon Scholarship in regard to Christian theology. Paulson does a thorough job of bringing to light the central issue of how LDS scholars and Brigham Young University religion professors misuse foundational Christian beliefs to support Mormonism’s non-biblical doctrines.

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Truth Seekers need this book!, January 27, 2007
By Tracy Tennant “Equipping Christians” (Kansas City)

This book is unlike other apologetics in that Paulson does not set out to prove that Mormonism is theologically incorrect. Instead, he reveals the ways in which Mormon scholars deceive their readers by misquoting, taking out of context, and misapplying the teachings of the Early Christian Church Fathers. Paulson also touches on a few of the many scriptures the Mormon Church twists into aberrant meanings through eisegesis and exegesis. Through the use of fallacious arguments these same scholars attempt to seduce Mormons and Christians alike into believing that there is little difference between what Christian Church Fathers taught and what the LDS Church teaches today.

Paulson’s book performs two very valuable services in the academic arena. First of all, he demonstrates conclusively that many LDS scholars have been less than professional in the way that they have selectively quoted-- and sometimes, misquoted – early Christian Fathers and heretic writers of the last 2000 years, with the aim of making it seem that Mormonism restores the original, doctrinally pure Gospel of the first century AD. Paulson’s second contributions are his helpful charts and lists. Especially useful is the comparison of classic Christian creeds with the LDS Articles of Faith–which is, as Paulson shows, indeed itself a creed.
Breaking the Mormon Code: A Critique of Mormon Scholarship (Paperback) by Matthew, A. Paulson (Author)
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