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I’m tired of all the misconceptions about Wicca. There is more than one way of practicing Wicca, ofcourse, but I thought thsi summed it up well. The following is an article on witchvox.

I realize that not all Christians are like this, but most are.

Hopefully all the rumors will be cleared up with this.


Sorry it’s such a long read, but it is well worth it.


So wicca is different from this religion this quasi-literate author describes (as of the Catholic pantheon, but including Jews and Muslims), which does not exist? Glad to hear it. Of course, Wicca isn’t anything else, either, because Wicca isn’t real. My problem is not that you worship false gods, but that you worship pretend gods. Would that you would worship the gods!–but your total lack of humility would offend them. Instead you profane their names by applying them to aspects of yourself, and worshiping those, instead. Careful when you call upon their names, that they don’t answer.

Wiccans think they understand the concept of balance. But balance is an ugly thing, a terrible thing, a thing of the gods who were born of the death of giants, of the gods who sometimes demand human sacrifice. The Yaoyoruzu no Kami, the Díyín Diné’e, the Aesir or the Tuatha da Danaan: their law is founded on keeping balance, and it doesn’t even allow for accidents. If you cause harm, your intentions in the matter are irrelevant. No forgiveness: if a debt is incurred, it must be paid. Do violence, and violence will be returned to you. Harbor inordinate desire, and you will suffer. Take a favor from someone, boast, hold a grudge, and you may curse yourself. But I suppose wiccans know more about purity than Shinto, more about balance than Onmyoudou.

I happen to live in the shadow of a holy mountain, eastern anchor of the barrier protecting the homeland of the Navajo, where live Yoołgai-asdząąn and the Katsina, and I know what real gods are, and real magic, and real harmony with nature. And it would kill a Wiccan in a week.


Well worth it to read the semi-literate screeds of someone attacking a strawman dummy of a two-thousand year old faith (or four thousand, in the case of Judaism)? And he can’t even get the classifications right! Protestants aren’t Catholic!

Or worth it to read a self-righteous white person, who would die at the mere sight of Lord Susanowo, making snide and inaccurate allusions to Her Heaven-Illuminating Female Augustness, Amaterasu Omikami?

Or worth it to read this self-same white person claiming to live in harmony with nature, to understand balance? When he seems not to know that “balance”, as maintained by the gods, is best described with the law of Hammurapi:

If he plucks out a man’s eye, let them pluck out his eye.

The law of the real gods, the Yaoyoruzu no Kami for instance, allows of no such thing as “accidents”. Anything that happens, must be balanced, whether or no you meant for it to happen. If a debt is incurred, it must be paid.

Personally I can only hope this fool never actually calls the name of a god who’s listening; they don’t like being mocked. When they filmed the Night Chant of the Navajo, the singer, one of the dancers, the patient, and the cameraman all died. That’s the penalty for slighting Haashch’ééłti’í.


Which rumors? That wicca is a made up religion of an old man that spent most of his life in the far east, and so with-in his bigoted mind he had to come up with some “white-man” religion based on a pile of anti-Christian lies on the coat tales of thoeophists, santanist and free-masons? And that Wicca is not only anti-Christian but anti-semitic, but Hilter already posioned that well? Wiccans may claim that they just want to get back to nature worship, never mind that the rejection of Judea-Christianity means one has to also reject Judaism, thus the Jew, in order to worship the gods of the pagans that ruled before the Jew and his “illegitimate” Christian brethren invaded Europe? Are those the type of rumors you trying to put to rest?


To only thing worse than reading this incoherent mess is reading it and being impressed with it.

Such gems-his father was a hex breaker and Christians too cast hexes-so?. There was also something about Christians and rainy days but I never could quite grasp what he was getting at although he did admit that some Wiccans have problems with rainy days also . Perhaps Wiccans have never heard of umbrellas? Our maybe they are forbidden in their religion <. We’ll never know because the author ,having mentioned it ,quickly abandons it for other nonsense


I didn’t see any paragraphs that were hard to understand about Christians, Wicans, and rainy days…could you please quote this from the article.

Yes, Christians send clouds of negative energy towards Wiccans all the time. SAying “You’re gonna go to hell” is what some people have said to me on this site. First, how do you think that feels? And secondly, if they actually believe that, not only are they sick to wish someone eternal torture, but they have sent hateful thoughts to the person, and that is basically a hex.


Just to show you we do not think you are going to be tortured eternally and are not worshipping evil, like you think of us.


It is not that easy. Hateful thoughts are barely worthy of being called a curse; otherwise anyone who’s trained in a Japanese martial art, where you train your intent to kill, would be able to kill at any distance. Curses are much more complex than that, requiring protections and, to do much, the full name and date of birth, at least, of the target.

But that’s real magic, not something a Wiccan’d be interested in.


“Ok, there are also people of pagan persuasion that do get up in the morning, grumble about work, hate rainy days”

“My grandfather was a hex breaker”

"Christians throw hexes at people they don’t like everyday "

Yes, Christians send clouds of negative energy towards Wiccans all the time. SAying “You’re gonna go to hell” is what some people have said to me on this site. First, how do you think that feels?

Hopefully it will make you feel that perhaps you have put your immortal soul in danger by embracing Wicca

And secondly, if they actually believe that, not only are they sick to wish someone eternal torture, but they have sent hateful thoughts to the person, and that is basically a hex./

They are not wishing you eternal torture-they’re telling you the unvarnished truth in the hope you will abandon your sinful ways. It’s an act of love.


No, it depends on how hateful the thought is. If you really, really, want them to go to hell, then you are directing quite a bit of suffering there way.

And no, you don’t have to do all the fancy ritual stuff for a curse to work. ‘Real’ magick comes from yourself. Your inner power is really all that is needed to cast spells. The rituals just help to attune us to what we want to accomplish and help focus our energies.

There is more than one way to curse someone…but that’s a wider, more realistic view of magick, not something that you would be intersted in.


The ‘rainy day’ part was talking about that every religion has grumpy and not so good people.

And excuse me, but let’s not be sarcastic as such grave a matter as hell. No, I feel hurt that people are telling me that my chosen religion is of the devil. Find ONE THING in Wicca that is truly, undoubtably evil…

Some people do wish it, although you may not. People on this very forum say “Burn in hell, you (insert choice word here)”. Yes, I have had 3 pms that have said that when I first joined here. How is it sinful? The problem with Christians is that they think any religion that they don’t agree with is “of the devil.” How convenient…

Was it an act of love when we burned the so-called witches, when most of them were regular Christians? Was it an act of love when Christians destroyed pagan families, altars, and religions? Was it an act of love when Christians murdered anyone who disagreed with them? It is no wonder that there are so many martrys, I’d be more inclined to stoning someone too if they had killed half my family and stopped me from practicing my religion! And then they have the nerve, after all the pain and fear they have started, to ask for me to come to there religion! The main way Christianity has spread is through murder, pain, and fear…this is the way it has spread until after the witch trials were stopped. And all of this is “IN the name of my God”. And they say Wiccans are satanistic!!!:mad:

Call it an act of hate, a power hungry act, a failed conversion tactic, but don’t ever tell me that when my parents said I’m going to hell it was out of love!!! NEVER!


No it wasnt an act of love that cost 4,000 people their lives in the 300 year course of the inquisition. Yes it was an act of love to steer people away from paganism.

If you dont want people commenting on the danger you are puting your soul in why are you hanging out in a Catholic forum


If Christians wanted you to go to Hell for being a witch all they would have to do is just tell you everything is cool, it don’t matter what you do or what you believe, go dance in woods naked and worship a tree and pray to the moon, don’t worry, be happy. then we both would roast - now that is what I call true love.:rolleyes: Who knows where you are going to wind up? That is between you and God, but if He is knocking at my door, I think I might consider answering it:shrug: and since you have been spending a lot time on this forum He just might be knocking, you think?. Myself I don’t go looking for Wiccans, in fact, it is always the Wiccan that comes to my space and tells me how I’m wrong, judgemental, a bigot and prejudice, not the other way around. Noticed the name of this Web Site? Catholic Answers Forum?- Now if you don’t want to hear the Catholic Answers to your questions then you need to ask them where Catholics can’t respond. But I’m very glad you here just the same, otherwise you might not hear the answers you need.:slight_smile:
As to the truth behind Wicca, it is founded on a lie, built on a lie, and the father of all lies is; ‘as the Church Lady says’ Satan, you don’t have to believe in him, in fact he has more power over you if you don’t.

John 8:44-47 You are of your father the devil: and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murder from the beginning: and he stood not in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof. But if I say the truth, you believe me not. Which of you shall convince me of sin? If I say the truth to you, why do you not believe me: He that is of God heareth the words of God. Therefore you hear them not, because you are not of God.

Now the “evil” spirits will raise up inspire many to come to this thread and start trying to justify the lies of Wicca. they will use reason, logic and references to “great” scholars on the subject of neo-paganism and present all the evils the Catholic Church has committed in her history. Otherwise bury the truth. The truth is the Church has stood for 2000 years for the pagans’ gods just went to sleep, for they were not gods, but the attempt to bring them back alive is not the gods that Christianity replaced, but the enemy of God himself and that enemy’s main weapon is lies and the prize he is after is the souls of mankind.

Gen 3:4 - 5 And the serpent said to the woman: No, you shall not die the death. For God doth know that in what day soever you shall eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.


No, a hex is just another word for a curse (at least according to WP/Wiktionary). Only difference is “curse” is from Old English and “hex” from German.
If you think we’re trying to curse you by saying that there’s a likelihood you’re going to go to hell if you continue practicing witchcraft, there’s something very wrong here. We’re not trying to get it so you do go there, we’re just warning you we believe that’s what’s going to happen.



I’m sure that you would agree that God is just, loving, and merciful, right? God would not condemn someone to Hell just because they were another religion, if in ignorance, and whoever says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about. If you had left the Church, that’s another issue, your soul would not be saved unless you repented. I myself was in Wicca for a while, and my sister currently is, only she’s in it for the spells, whereas I was in it for the worship of the God and Goddess. What I did find a little troubling, which I tried to overlook, is the “co-founder” if you will, Aleister Crowley (it’s been a while, I hope I spelled it right), who’s a Satanist. I was able to brush that aside but what did hit me one day was this: the Marian apparitions and the Revelations of Jesus and Mary to the Saints. I advise to read those, to give those a fair hearing. It really touched my heart. Revelations to SS. Faustina, Margaret Mary, Fances of Rome, etc. If the Church is what She says She says she is, you have every spiritual blessing in the world to gain. If Wicca is…the way you see it…then you have nothing to lose by learning. Just say, “Jesus, if You’re real, reveal the Truth to me.” I don’t regret it one bit. Anyway, do read some of those; I’m really interested in what you think of them.


So Armed with the NY phone book and the Dept. of Records website, , I could create havoc of unheard of proportions?


Wiccan magic is just “the power of positive thinking”. Real magic does require the ritual stuff, if you want to do more than affect probability. Or if you want to reliably affect probability. Real magic is not about making a few little good things happen or helping problems resove themselves; it is about taking the direction of fate and causality and totally realigning it. Its ultimate ability, mastered by at least two people (Seimei, Paracelsus) is the ability to transfer souls between bodies and reanimate the dead, or create life of one’s own.

Tell me, can Wiccans do that? Tell me, how many shikigami have you got? Do you know how to undo a curse of the Poison Shooting Way? How about Corpse Poison Way? Can you assess the causes and cures of a Metal Chi imbalance in a home? How many rainstorms have you ever caused?

Or is it time you admit you don’t know what real magic is? I live right beneath a mountain where the gods live, I’ve seen real magic done: I’ve seen people summon rain. You can’t do that, yet you sneer at it as narrow and unrealistic?

Yes, hate can be a curse. But hate, coupled with knowledge of a man’s name, a piece of his clothing, and part of the chant When the Two Came to Their Father, sung backwards, can be death. And it takes the Night Chant to protect from it; all the positive thinking and will-working in the world won’t protect you, if a skinwalker wants to sing you down into the ground.

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