The truthians cult?


Does anybody have any information on what this cult believes?

Recently a man out side my church was giving out flyer’s that went against Christianity in general, and basically said Jesus is really Satan and that the New testament was corrupted form the beginning of writings to its current translations.

i would like to know more of their believes so that i can do research and challenge this man next time i see him out side of church .

God Bless



To what end? The best thing you can do is either

  1. Ignore him
  2. Have him arrested for trespassing

You’re not going to convince him he’s wrong, so don’t give audience to his beliefs by giving him an opportunity to explain them.

You’re better off praying and fasting for his soul.


I think this is a great opportunity to deepen your faith. Take each specific claim made and research it, for example the corruption of the New Testament. Just quickly, the earliest writings were perhaps 10 years after Jesus’ death and ressurection. They were the writing down of an oral tradition- a re-telling of the Gospel that was well known, we understand this from the four different Gospels, especially the Synoptics- Matthew written for the Jews, Mark for the Romans, Luke for the Gentiles. John came later and is a different kettle of fish.

If you heard the story of Jack & the beanstalk and someone changed it, you’d know and probably pipe up and say “that’s not the story I know”. Scholars would agree that even more in Jesus’ time, a passing on of news had to be accurate. This is particularly evident in the use of the very words of Jesus contained in the Gospels (like where he exclaims in Aramaic and it is retained as Aramaic).

If you have specific questions about the claims of this cult then please do not hesitate to ask.

In the meantime I would recommend some broader reading, Truth and Tolerance by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is a great place to start as it offers an important overview regarding the truth of our faith in the context of other religious beliefs.

God bless



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