The Tudors

Has any one heard about the very anti Catholic new tv show the Tudors? I recomend not to watch it becasue it is quite vulgar.

It cracks me up that the Tudors are VERY Anti Catholic. Have you picked up a history book? Duh! Although, Henry, in his youth was quite a follower of the faith, he wrote papers and defended Catholicism. Howerver, he, being the posterboy for overindulgence, wanted something and the Pope said no, and so like a petulant child revolted against the Church.

And Mary was a Tudor, she was kind of an example of a not nice Catholic regent.

So far on the Tudors, Henry has attended Mass regularly, written a book arguing against Luther, had all the Protestant books he could find seized and burned in public while a bishop prayed, wished he could have Luther killed, and hired Thomas Tallis to write his beautiful music. Not exactly “very anti-Catholic” so far.

The show is about Henry’s early reign as king, and he hasn’t divorced Katherine of Aragon yet.

It does have a lot of nudity and sex, though.

I was listening to the Catholic Channel on my way home yesterday and I was shocked to hear on the “Busted Halo show w/ Father Dave” that either he or the guest he had on there (both are priests) that one of them watches that show and that it is a regular occurence in the house they live in with the other priests in their order!!!:eek:

Hmmm - I don’t have cable so went out to see the website. HERE

I’m usually pretty open about stuff, but this does seem a bit sexy for priests to be watching. :eek:


Ummmm, they are adults, right? This show is not suitable for children, it is made for a mature audience. As a history buff myself, and an adult, I have been watching the show.

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