The TV series Heroes

My wife and I have recently begun to watch the series Heroes as seen on NBC in the states and Global in Canada. We really don’t watch any network TV at all, so this is by streaming the old episodes as found on Netflix – no commercials :slight_smile: That said, we just made it the beginning of season 3.

Because we try to steer away from empty programming, I initially was a bit wary of the series, but as time went on found it to offer a really positive message about the battle between good and evil and how we should use our God-given talents.

I realise that it would be a ridiculous leap to call it a religious show, but there does to be a certain positive thread running through it, and I really haven’t found anything critical of Christianity in it.

Apart from that, it really is great fun. :smiley:

Without revealing any spoilers, what does everyone else think.

God Bless


I have enjoyed watching heroes since the beginning. Like you stated it’s generally good and there’s not blatant offenses on it. However, recently there’s a lesbian relationship developing between two very young characters. I won’t say who but I’m sure you can figure out at least one of them. It’s presented as perfectly an ok thing to do them being in college and the whole thing. Other than that I don’t have any objections to it. I’ll see where they go with the lesbian thing and see if it’s worth it to keep watching it.

I’m where you are. I watched the first two seasons (as they aired, though), but have fallen behind and missed the second half of season 3 and the first half of season 4.

I think that whenever you do a show about superheroes – if you do it well – it will unavoidably contain positive themes. Plus, with the focus on the action, there’s generally less time to focus on dysfunctional sexuality.

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “spoiler”, but I’ll qualify this paragraph as a light spoiler regarding the general theme of the first half of the third season. As you can see at the end of Season 2, it is called “Volume 3: Villains”. As such, they sort of lead the viewers to question who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Negatively, one might interpret this as the writers making a concerted effort to blur the line between good and evil. Positively, though, I think it shows that even the best heroes have their flaws and even the worst villains are not beyond saving. So I think it still can be a positive message.

I missed the whole lesbian thing, though.

Well, the lesbian thing in the plot line is one issue, but I tend to weigh that sort of thing on its relevance to the plot. That is, is it – or any over the top sexual stuff – there for the sole sake of what it is (certainly an extreme is rubbish like The L Word – but also present in so many other seemingly mainstream shows), or does it somehow add to the dimensions of the story. Not knowing (and at this point not wanting to know) who the characters are and how the plot unfolds I can’t say.

That said, I do like the way the whole subplot/ subthread about Nick Petrelli’s belief in God and doing God’s work was introduced at the start of season 3. I found that to be a direction that I did not expect, for to see God invoked in a pop-media TV show is one thing, but in a definite Christian direction is another. I was quite impressed!

Anyway – I like it. BTW – I really relate a lot to Hiro – at least as I’ve seen him so far. (up to episode 4 of season 3)

God bless


I used to watch Heroes. I don’t watch too much TV and Heroes was “my show.” I stopped watching(this season) mainly because I was busy with school, but also because as a show, it started to fall into a pattern of building lots of hype and suspense but at the end of an episode leaving you with a rather dissatisfying cliffhanger.

In regards to the moral messages in it, I did think that it had some good points, pretty good considering modern media today.

The show is rather dark and morbid, especially with a villain like Sylar…

I would consider picking it up again (once I’m not so busy :D), but for now, it’s gotten a little too cliched for me.

I agreee – but one of the benefits watching it off of Netflix on Tivo is that I can jump to the next episode.

Now if only my wife and I would get snowed in — it could be an all day marathon :slight_smile:

God bless


PS – in my last message, I meant to say Nathan Petrelli not Nick

It’s going to get very bad and very boring guys, lol. Sorry.
I watch it every week and I’m still not sure why. I really can’t give any spoilers about season 4, because absolutely nothing has happened.

Season 1 was very, very good. I was a little, very little disappointed with the ending, but as a whole, I really enjoyed it. Season 2 started off well and then took a dive. As it was building back up, the writers’ strike occurred and they had to rush and shorten the second season to put any kind of a conclusion to it which wasn’t great, but wasn’t as bad as it could have been all things considered. Season 3 was divided into two distinct story lines. I enjoyed the first half and the build up it gave and thought the show was well on its way of rebuilding from its second season. However, the second half of the season didn’t live up to the first half. It wasn’t as bad as season 2, but it wasn’t as good as the first half of the third season either. It seemed to me there was a huge disconnect between the end of the first half and start of the second. It just didn’t flow and it seemed like there was something we were supposed to have seen, but did not. Season 4 falls somewhere around the first half of the third season. Some episodes approach the quality of season 1, but as a whole, it’s around the level of the first half of season 3.

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