The Twelve Most Important Things to Know About Angels

  1. They really exist. Not just in our minds, or our myths, or our symbols, or our culture. They are as real as your dog, or your sister, or electricity.

  2. They’re present, right here, right now, right next to you, reading these words with you.

  3. They’re not cute, cuddly, comfortable, chummy, or “cool”. They are fearsome and formidable. They are huge. They are warriors.

  4. They are the real “extra-terrestrials”, the real “Super-men”, the ultimate aliens. Their powers are far beyond those of all fictional creatures.

  5. They are more brilliant minds than Einstein.

  6. They can literally move the heavens and the earth if God permits them.

  7. There are also evil angels, fallen angels, demons, or devils. These too are not myths. Demon possessions, and exorcisms, are real.

  8. Angels are aware of you, even though you can’t usually see or hear them. But you can communicate with them. You can talk to them without even speaking.

  9. You really do have your very own “guardian angel”. Everybody does.

  10. Angels often come disguised. “Do not neglect hospitality, for some have entertained angels unawares”—that’s a warning from life’s oldest and best instruction manual.

  11. We are on a protected part of a great battlefield between angels and devils, extending to eternity.

  12. Angels are sentinels standing at the crossroads where life meets death. They work especially at moments of crisis, at the brink of disaster—for bodies, for souls, and for nations.

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:thumbsup: Puts me in mind of Rainer Maria Rilke on angels:

“If one of them suddenly
Held me within his heart, I should
fall dead
At his too mighty being, because
Is the beginning of the terrible.”


I’m very interested in angels. Do you have any good book suggestions about angels that stays true to catholicism? Aside from the one named in the link you provided, that is. Thanks!:slight_smile:


Scroll down to The Angels (Spirit).


Although he wasn’t a Catholic, the late philosopher, Mortimer Adler, wrote an excellent book on the angels: The Angels and Us.

Another one to read is the late Jean Cardinal Danielou’s The Angels and Their Mission According to the Fathers of the Church.


Thought I’d mention you can read much of that book here:

Angels (and demons): What Do We Really Know About Them?
by Peter Kreeft


Oooh very interesting Eucharisted! Thanks! :thumbsup:


I’m right with you on 11 of the 12.

Be careful with number 4… it can be an occasion of confusion for some. There is a difference and Lucifer and his demons are more than ready, willing and capable of obscuring that difference.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


There’s one that’s really good, called “All About the Angels” :slight_smile: it’s published by TAN, and was written by a Catholic priest… :thumbsup: and got the nihil obstat and imprimatur.


Thank all of you for all the book titles and website links. You all have given me a lot to start with and I appreciate it.:thumbsup:


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