The Two "Bethlehem's"!


Interesting article about the fact there are two town’s called Bethlehem. Some are suggesting the other Bethlehem is the right site!:eek:


Very interesting article. I wonder what the Vatican has to say about this?


If Jesus was not built in the Bethlehem that is the city of David as the Bible instructs us, there is no reason he was born in the Bethlehem in Galilee either.

There was a theological reason that Jesus was asserted to have been born in the Bethlehem that he has been traditionally said to have been born. Those theological reasons disappear if the Galilean site is deemed to be the real birthplace. Therefore, there is no reason to believe he was born there an more than any other town in Galilee.


Did you mean born-instead of built in your first sentence?


What do archaeologists know about Jesus!

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