The Two Crucified Thieves and Two Types of Heretics

**The Two Crucified Thieves and Two Types of Heretics
I just of something I hadn’t as closely: the hands of Christ are nailed on the right and on the left. On either side, too, is a robber. One robber is unrepentant, the other repentant. Which is to say, one is hard hearted, the other soft hearted.

St Augustine said, do not despair, for one thief was saved, but do not presume, for one was lost.

The Christ said that He is the good shepherd. He said those who do not go into the gate directly, but climb the fence, are robbers and thieves.

Effectively, Christ left legitimate Shepherds in His Place. These feed the flock the true doctrines and the fullness of graces. Of the seven sacraments, five are absolutely reserved for mediation from the Shepherds, and from them alone. No man, other than a priest, can hear your Confession, confer the Eucharist, Confirm you, Anoint you in sickness, and no man but a Bishop can give you Holy Orders. Baptism and Marriage, however, are in general had by heretics.

Moreover, to these mediating Fathers are also given the Oral Tradition to properly interpret the Scriptures. All who take the Scriptures from the Church and use them privately are thieves and robbers, for the Scriptures belong to the Church and Her Shepherds, the Bishops, not to private laymen. Hence, a robber is a proper type of a heretic, especially since, at the Protestant Rebellion, the great rebels stole the Scriptures from the Church to use them according to their own private needs.

Funny, how again, the type types of heretics, or robbers, are suffering on either side of the Christ, by one hand that is stronger, the other by one hand that is weaker, precisely also how one robber is hardened in heart, the other weaker.

The five sacraments, or fingers, we have seen, that require the priests, and toward which the heretics response cannot be balanced, since they lack them, are the source of poling of heretics. They are either afraid and hoping they will be saved despite them, or they are presumptuous and assume they are immune to the necessity thereof.

The one heretic is innocent, a material heretic, not trusting the Apostolic Succession, but wishing he had it. His conscience honestly tells him that he can only trust Scripture. But the fear therein of interpretation that is not clear keeps him awake at night, always pleading the mercy of God in near despair.

Can I be forgiven, can I fall from grace? [Confession ]
Is there unforgivable sin in the evening of life? [Anointing]
Am I elect, does God want me saved [Confirmation]
Which men rightly interpret Scripture amongst the Bible Preachers who conflict [Holy Orders]
Where is the true Church community [Holy Communion]

The presumptous one, or formal heretic, does not worry about these things:

I am imputed perfection, despite my sins, or else, i cannot fall from grace [Confession ]
I am guaranteed to persevere in love, who needs Extreme Unction?
I am elect, and certain that God has chosen me
I am a correct interpreter of Scripture, i AM a man of God, after all, am I not sincere and wise and probing the Spirit
My community is the true one, I know, or else, it doesn’t matter what my community believes, all you need is Jesus and your Bible.

How appropo, that the crucified Christ and two robbers around Him are perfect metaphors for sacramental ecclesiology amongst heretics!

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