The Tyranny is Upon Us but We're Too Compromised to See It Says Michael O'Brien

Essay centers on current “moral anarchy” and general inability of society to see it, even those who embrace morality

By John-Henry Westen

March 14, 2008 ( - Canadian Catholic author Michael O’Brien has made available to his latest essay which centers on the current “moral anarchy” and the general inability of society to see it, even those who embrace morality. The blindness, he says, is due to compromise.

O’Brien quotes Plato referring to states in which an excess of freedoms severed from responsibility have degenerated into open anarchy, which in turn precipitates tyranny. He asks: “But what about a ‘republic’ in which moral anarchy reigns in a matrix of prosperity, order, and apparent civic freedom? Can democracy be undone spiritually without a shot being fired within its frontiers?”

"Indeed it can; indeed it is happening. Yet the psychology of perception, our own unrecognized consciousness-shift from the moral cosmos to the materialist cosmos now surrounding us, tells us that our situation is basically stable. We admit there are problems, even serious problems, but we feel confident that our freedom is intact, and that all grave threats come from exterior sources.

Moral anarchy indeed, and thes moral anarchists are now promoting sex in public parks like what amsterdam has done.

Amsterdam Decriminalizes Public Sex in Famous Park

And then govts are now persecuting parents who refuse to catipulate to their totalitarian demands.

Belgium Parents May be Jailed for Refusing Polio Vaccine

Its getting wose and worse everyday!!

I myself didn’t notice all this moral anarchy, and we all have the mainstream media to blame for all this, because they are deliberately convering up all of this moral anarchy, in an effort to protect and promote all this moral anarchy, they hope moral anarchy will spread and take control over society before Christian and detect it.

Well they are dead wrong. Thanks to website like lifesitenews, we don’t have to be kept in the dark about all the moral anarchy that has been occuring around us, now we know, and like an old cartoon once said, knowing is half the battle.


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