The U.S. gets a new Commander-in-Chief next week. Here's your nonpartisan guide to Trump's foreign policy


The U.S. gets a new Commander-in-Chief next week. Here’s your nonpartisan guide to Trump’s foreign policy:


Picked this up on the internet…with a bit of luck maybe we’ll be at war within the next week or so :smiley:


Trump sure is going to have some severe challenges. Foreign policy basically doesn’t exist. It’s going to be tough to unwind Obamacare, a lot of the regulations and land seizures. The budget is out of control. Law enforcement has gone defensive.

Just a terrible mess to deal with. I hope his appointees are as good as some believe they are. He’s going to need some of the best people imaginable to even start unwinding it.


It is an astoundingly challenging task in itself without adding the unexpected crisis.

Trump has selected quite a few that hold strong views/opinions different than his own; it may demonstrate he is comfortable in competitive and quarrelsome environments, though, if he is open to being challenged and delegating when necessary - we’ll be in good shape. If he is not, the turnover rate may be enormous in 4 years.


Seems to be a return to realism after 3 successive administrations of idealism. I’m in favor of it if it’s done intelligently.


It’s a good idea for all at Catholic Answers to pray for our new president. It can only help him make proper decisions.


I suggest the novena to St. Jude.


Not a bad suggestion.


In all seriousness it’s an imperative.

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