The ugly reason ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ didn’t become our national anthem for a century

From what I’ve heard, the Canadians were characteristically polite about the whole debacle.

“Hey there, uh ya’ know it ain’t polite to come up here unannounced? Sorry, but we’re gonna’ have to ask you to leave. You understand, eh?”

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In the thirties they returned a table which had been stolen from the White House during that war more than 100 years previous.

That was polite.

It’s well known that the only evil thing in Canada is their oppressive Geese:


Johnny Horton! Shows up pretty regularly on my Johnny Cash station on Pandora.

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Well, let’s try to put this into some perspective. Here is another opinion.

Let’s keep in mind this is from the poem Key wrote and not the actual song based off it, as well, though I get they’re very related.

True! What’s worse is that if you shoot one, they don’t taste very good, either.


And there is this too. My reason for never really liking the song.


OK. But the article says this: “Key was not an abolitionist, yet he was not an ardent supporter of slavery either and is better understood as one dedicated to ending slavery.” I think that historians would disagree with that factoid (as Key was a noted white supremacist, like many of his day), but it really is beside the point.

After the claim the article backs it up with facts about his life that support it.

It’s a difficult song to sing.

The US national anthem was always uninspiring to me, but the Battle Hymn of the Republic is pretty amazing:


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Apart from this information, which I was unaware of, wasn’t America, the Beautiful also a contender for our national anthem?

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It was a stalemate.

I have a prediction, that in fifty years, maybe sooner, our national anthem is going to be a mash-up of The Star-Spangled Banner, Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing, and America the Beautiful. Or something like that. Similar to the South African anthem. Finding some way to work in a few notes from Fanfare for the Common Man would be nice too.

At least we haven’t had to rewrite entirely the lyrics to our national anthem, as Russia did when the USSR ceased to exist — same music, just totally different words. Still the boldest, proudest, most heart-stirring national anthem ever!

The kids in the farm scenes remind me of my son and my nieces, all of whom have Slavic blood. Beautiful people.

My top 5 anthems:

New Zealand
South Africa
Scotland (Flower of Scotland)

Honourable mention: Russia

I always liked Canada’s!


You ever hear “Sojourner’s Battle Hymn”? Sojourner Truth wrote it. I found it inspiring:

WE are coloured Yankee soldiers who’ve enlisted for the war;
We are fighting for the Union, we are fighting for the law;
We can shoot a rebel farther than a white man ever saw,
As we go marching on.

Look there above the center, where the flag is waving bright;
We are going out of slavery, we are bound for freedom’s light;
We mean to show Jeff Davis how the Africans can fight,
As we go marching on.

We are done with hoeing cotton, we are done with hoeing corn;
We are coloured Yankee soldiers just as sure as you are born.
When the rebels hears us shouting, they will think it’s Gabriel’s horn,
As we go marching on.

They will have to pay us wages, for the wages of their sin;
They will have to bow their foreheads to their coloured kith and kin;
They will have to give us house-room, or the roof will tumble in,
As we go marching on.
Glory, glory, hallelujah! Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah, as we go marching on.

We hear the proclamation, rebels, crush it as you will;
The birds will sing it to us, hopping on the cotton hill;
The possum up the gum tree couldn’t keep it still,
As he went climbing on.

Abraham has spoken, and the message has been sent;
The prison doors have opened, and out the prisoners went
To join the sable army of African descent,
As we go marching on.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah, as we go marching on.


Those who are smashing windows, or looting, or burning buildings, or throwing bricks, rocks, bottles of frozen water, or excrement at the police are not fighting racism. In fact, in their contacts with the police, they are showing their racist streak in their verbal attacks on the police. Marxism isn’t about anti-racism. It is about control, and about destroying anything and everything the useful idiots despise.

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