The Ultimate campaign ad

“Vote for my opponent and puppies will die.”

This concludes the 2010 campaign.

The Democrats have been running on that for years.

To be honest, this campaign would probably reel me in. Any mention of animals and im there. What are your thoughts OP?

Well, they certainly got me hook, line, and sinker.

My reaction to an ad like this is disgust.
We’ve got pro-life, euthanasia, schools, taxes, corruption and some clown wants me to worry about puppies. But of course the whole purpose for people to turn on the emotions and turn off the brains.

I used to read Nat’l Lampoon ages ago and the hit the nail on the head.

I think that is the purpose of most advertising, especially political ads.

You’re right, of course.

I guess I am just turning into a curmudgeon. Sometimes I can’t even tell what the ads are for or not tell the end. I there’s one just show derrieres and I’m like “what” and DW said it was for sneakers. It’s a little embarrassing that they figure I’ll fork over $$$ just cuz they make me there product with sex.

Same thing with pol ads – “Joe Blow canceled Program X” sounding like he’s taking away wheelchairs usually turns out like funding got chopped by other side or it was it was part of an omnibus bill and freewheel chairs was the only worthy thing in it.
Stuff like that makes me nuts.

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