The Ultimate Music Poll

Thought I might see which genre of music is the most popular here.
The list is as follows:
Heavy Metal (includes “screamo”)
Classic Rock

As for me, I mostly like Alternative and Christian Rock. I’ve always been a fan of the alternative scene, ever since it was called “New Wave” back in the 80’s.

I remember metal from the 80’s before it had screaming in it. I picked Metal.

I like all of the above pretty well except for metal and rap, and many more.

Why is “country” left off the poll? It is hugely popular. I realize that we can mark “other,” but I still think that leaving country off is a little puzzling.

I’d have chosen “funk”, but its not on the list either. Nor is soul, rhythm and blues, Broadway, etc.

And that simply mentions American musical tastes. I am sure that the members of other countries might have other interests.

I listen to both local songs and Japanese ones and even a majority of the ones on my playlists are rock (with helpings of techno as far as the Japanese are concerned).

Hence, I decided to pick Rock. :stuck_out_tongue:

True. There are a lot of musical styles. Perhaps I was thinking when I was saw the title of the thread (The Ultimate Music Poll) that many many musical styles would included in the poll options.

Too late to change it now. I knew I should’ve included country.

True that not all types of music were represented in this poll, however music is a very important part of being human. Sometimes when words fail to express our thoughts and emotions properly, music is the great communicator that goes across all lines of age, ethnicity, or race. I have discovered that often people can only find peace and comfort in music. It is now used in nursing homes with our aged who have lost the ability to communicate through stroke or other debilitating illnesses. Music is a powerful communicator. I love all forms except for those that express evil in the cacophonous, grating sounds or words or screaming of some heavy metal and rap music.

Jazz is my passion but I listen to all genres except contemporary pop/rock and rap.

Bluegrass. Love it, love it, love it!

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