The ultimate showdown: ewtn vs relevant radio

I know it's kind of off-putting to treat two Catholic media apostolates as though they are competing against one another for airtime, but I just have to ask the question: Which do you prefer? (obviously if there's some other media outlet I'm not mentioning, go ahead and consider it as well).

Here's my analysis:

Relevant radio offers a Talk-radio experience seen through a Catholic lens. They are also essentially mouthpieces for the bishops (and this could be good or bad).

EWTN is much more about Catholicism itself, and is very independent of the bishops.

Of course, they both share a lot of the same people. I tend to make use of both.

I listen to both online, I tend to love the morning show on Relevant Radio, and Father Corapi's hour... then, especially when they play shows that I find no interest in, such as subjects about annulments and about smaller children, and especially when RR plays the "Angels sports show" or talks about american politics, I turn it over to EWTN.

Both radio shows have much much much to offer Catholics and non-Catholics alike... I love both stations very much.

Well EWTN owns my heart, but I am excited that there is a hefty helping of alternative Catholic news and media channels too!

Not familiar with Revelant Radio. I will check it out.

Is anyone familiar with Radio Maria?

[quote="KevinAK, post:4, topic:208629"]
Not familiar with Revelant Radio. I will check it out.

Is anyone familiar with Radio Maria?


I found a radio stream from Costa Rica called "radio maria" is that what you mean? Is it a spanish language station?

Like both stations. My vote goes to Relevant Radio, only because we have a station in our area and it's easier to listen to the car radio than a portable shortwave radio sitting on the passenger seat (no, I normally don't listen online).

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