The ultimate truth is that truth is ultimate


How can one figure out ultimate truth, if simple truth remains in doubt?

What is truth? Truth is the state of being true.

Being true is the great mystery.

Being true is being transparent, so that what is real is visible, and not hidden.

As an analogy, a mother giving birth is a mother being transparent. The reality of the baby is made visible via the mother.

A mother is made possible via love.

Love is the great mystery. Love is transparent. Love is truth.


I like to think of Truth in the sense of mathematical constants like Pi and e. These constants “exist” in that we see them all through nature, yet we can never grasp them. We can approximate them to a certain degree that allows us to calculate with amazing degrees of accuracy, yet we will never encompass their totality.

I don’t know that I agree with this. When I was an atheist, I would have agreed with the contrapostive of your statement, i.e. “what is not real is not visible and not hidden”.

This statement boils down to a strict empiricism which leaves no room for an “epistemology of faith” and ultimately denies God, mind and soul.

For me, truth and mystery are not mutually exclusive. Mystery by nature is obscure, i.e. not transparent. If you equate God with Love, then Love is truth. Existence, the ultimate quality of God, is therefore to be equated with Love. The Shekinah and therefore Love pervades all.



But truth is accessable, starting from simple truth in sincertiy, adopting trasparent truthful methods through love and wisdom, the ultimat truth is accessable ultimately by His grace.

I think you agree with me.


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