The ultimate truth


Only stupid people believe that their chosen reality is the only reality. Reality is an illusion. You are the imagination of yourself, you are simply dreaming the sick and twisted dreams that you desire–in your sick conviction that the world is going to end, you are in dire need for a physician; but the physician you choose is a sick and twisted dream that brings the world to an end to satisfy your sick conviction of violence and devestation. Beliefs are the bullets of the wicked. Words that you live in are just the illusion that your sick and twisted mind demands to be true. There is no truth in words, words only become your chosen reality when you choose to believe them. These words I speak you will find to be false because of your sick and twisted mind. Diamonds have no value–they have as much worth as a blade of grass. Only a monkey would pick up a piece of gold a rock a gem and say it has value. This is ultimate truth of which you will never accept because of your sick conviction. There is no I in truth. No man can say I am the truth because then it becomes subjective thought whereas; any truth is not "I’ inclusive, rendering real truth as objective thought. And the truth goes on and on…you could have any dream you want but you people choose to live in your sick fantasies of the world coming to an end. And the truth goes on and on… of which you will never accept…


Huh? :confused: Having a gnostic kind of day?


Exactly, huh! A truth you cannot grasp. Nor will you ever be able to handle.


where have you been? go to Oprah, buy the book, learn the Secret, come on, man, don’t you watch TV?



Why are you so angry when you post?

What has caused you to be so angry at God, at life, and the rest of the world?

I’ve seen your previous posts and you seem to be a very angry person.


It has been a long time since I had the delusion of being anything but stupid. Certainly reality is an illusion but it is the only one I have. If beliefs are the bullets of the wicked how does one live with an empty gun? It appears to me that some people whom I have heard talk sound as though they have an empty gun, but then that is just my reality. Of course, in my reality I am not really sick.

I may find value in a rock, I may find it in a sock. I may find it in the grass, I may find it in a glass. In a jar or in a car, I may find it all quite bizaar. To find value in life it wont be in something that you find but in something that you give. It wont be a rock or a sock or in the grass or in a glass, or in a jar or in a car. The value of life is received from what you give. And if you give love than you will find more value than one can even wonder.

This is the truth that you can search for but will not find until you decide to give it away to he who is least worthy to receive it.


I watch tv. And I see nothing but morons and commercials.


Because I live with freaking morons. When God formed them from the earth he made them all retarded.


You seem to be very convinced that your own chosen reality in the OP is the only reality, however.


So what is the difference between morons and commercials?


meanwhile, you speak such things but you are all buying and selling like commercial junkies on crack. When you see a diamond or a piece of gold your eyes light up because there is no truth within you.


Are you referring to your family? :rolleyes: Is it possible to move out of your home and live on your own if you are unhappy with the people you are living with?


:rotfl: Sorry I just find that a bit funny.


The commercials are made for the morons who watch the morons.


Believe me I hate my family, just as your Lord said, I’m only 16, whoever does not hate mother and father in my way cannot be my disciple. And whoever does not love mother and father in my way cannot be my disciple. Trust me, I pity their pathetic lives and if we did not cherish pity then mercy could no more be.


What happened to you today? Yesterday you were getting along so nicely… You seemed almost human.

Just be patient. When you turn 18 you can move out and be miserable all by yourself. I hope you’re saving your money - it’s awfully expensive out there.

God love you,


Could I suggest that you not continue watching TV? It sounds like it upsets you. It’s not good if it’s interfering with your homework and socializing time, anyway.


You know watching tv I realized one thing. I live in hell. In hell I burn my faith is sustained.


That is why I would suggest that you not continue watching TV. It sounds like it is causing you great suffering.



It has become quite clear that you singular point within this forum is to simply make noise. You provide nothing specific that anyone can respond to. You make wild statements about whatever you fancy. If want to have a conversation about something please be specific. Many are hear that can provide you with some useful information if you are searching. As for me, your ramblings have grown tiresome and I have read your last post.

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