The UN and the JWS


I wanted to start a new thread so we could stat a new topic on the JWs and the UN. The JWs always say that the UN is the beast in the book of Revelations in the Bible, and that they are evil, but take a look at these posts…

I just don’t get how these people actually go ahead and curse the UN and here is the proof of how much they LIE!!!


You can have him call the Watchtower Society and ask about it…

Jeff S.


Or you can print off this letter at the UN site itself.


I think the Watchtower claimed that they had joined the UN for the sake of using thier library.


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This is the official JW reposnce to the scandal: (Document from HQ in NY)


wouldn’t surprise me one bit. :rolleyes: they knock down the UN for decades and they join it? err… duh… kind of hypocritical. :tsktsk:


counteracting the attempts of “opposers” to discredit them? oh what a bunch of malarky they put in that letter! don’t you just love how they word things? they try to make it seem like it was all perfectly innocent, and they withdrew their support because of the"language"? more like they withdrew it because someone found out about it and would’ve exposed their hypocrisy and so they reacted swiftly with this letter and worded it to look like they were perfetly innocent in the whole matter. malarky! then they say so opposers wouldn’t be able to discredit them? hah. they discredited themselves by their actions. hypocrits. yo, you at the falsetower, I am not fooled.


Indeed here is a quote from the Acess section of the “The Dag Hammarskjöld Library”

The Dag Hammarskjöld Library is a special library whose mandated role is to serve the information needs of United Nations permanent Mission staff and Secretariat staff; however, permission to use the Library is also given for short periods of time to advanced-level researchers (PhD candidates, authors, etc.) who have found that materials required to complete their research are unavailable at depository libraries.

Persons wishing to establish whether the Dag Hammarskjöld Library has the materials required for their research and to request application forms for access may contact the Senior Reference Librarian at the UN/SA Collection Reference Desk. Completed forms, together with required attachments, are forwarded to the United Nations Security and Safety Service for clearance and issuance of a pass. Owing to security requirements, the clearance procedure generally takes two to three weeks. A Help Line has been set up to provide guidance for external researchers needing assistance in tracking down information about the United Nations and its documentation.

Access to the United Nations Bibliographic Information System (UNBIS) databases is freely available through UNBISnet to any Internet user. For further information contact the Data Base Manager.


do you mean that “opposers” would discredit them, or do you mean the society was correct in withdrawing support ?


I find it odd that the JW’s were part of the UN at all given they are so anti-UN. The quote from Access to The Dag Hammarskjöld Library shows that access is not restricted to members of the UN; NGO’s or otherwise. If the JW’s merely wanted access to UN information they could have requested it as per the instruction in the quote. The JW’s saying they were an UN NGO only for research access purposes to the library are untrue.


then what would you say their affiliation was? real membership?


They were definitely a member of the UN as an NGO. I have no idea why they were there, it’s very weird. It may have been a way to be a fly on the wall? A way for them to more accurately predict when the UN was going to make religion illegal, or any of the other oddities that they think concerning the UN?


i dont know… i can only surmise on my part that they became a member to perhaps have some kind of foothold in the UN for their own reasons unbeknownst to us.


I printed out all the info on the sites I posted on the top of this thread and my husband actually looked at the pages, but I guess he just ignored it. He didn’t mention it again. I am saving those to show them to this lady that comes to my house every week to try to convert me. I hope she doesn’t come out with that letter the JWs published… I cannot believe that they can actually find an excuse for everything they do, and make it sound as if they are the good people here… ughhhh!!!


I find the JW statement to be credible. (This is about the only thing about the JW’s that I find credible). Completely free access to the UN library appears to be limited to online resources. It sounds like physical, in-person access is somewhat more limited. Not sure whether NGOs qualify as part of the permanent mission staff, but if so they have pretty much automatic access. Online access would not have been available in 1991 when they registered as an NGO, and the library would be a handy resource to the JW organization, which is just across the river in Brooklyn. Finally, it seems likely that access rules have changed in the last 15 years, perhaps even in the last 5 since the JW letter that you posted - NGO membership may have more explicitly allowed easy access to the library.

So I accept the explanation of the JWs of their reason for registering as an NGO, and their reason for withdrawing that registration. Having said that, it seems like a poor move PR-wise. And it may well be hypocritical, although I don’t know enough about their stance on the UN to judge that fairly.


well people say all kinds of thing the truth is we wont know until it happens.


With these people we might never see anything happen

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