The UN’s health agency might stop considering transgender people mentally ill


The World Health Organization is reportedly considering a change to its current stance that classifies being transgender as a mental illness.

I believe that this is nothing more than political correctness gone amuck! Of course it’s a mental illness! How on earth it wouldn’t be considered a mental illness I will never know.


I’m only surprised this didn’t happen years ago.



There is so much still to be learned about human development. Research shows that there is likely a biological basis for transgenderism. It is easy to consider something that we do not understand to be a mental illness. In any case, I hope that we show love and mercy to such people and support their dignity as individuals.


But we should not encourage them. When they have surgery, they are mutilating their bodies…why would a man, who has XY chromosomes, need fake breasts?


As long as I’m not paying for it (via taxes forcibly taken from me) it’s his/her bodily autonomy to change as they see fit, not mine.


… how is it not a mental illness? People argued and demanded that homosexuality be taken off the DSM as a mental illness… and it happened. Its no longer considered mental illness by psychiatry. This goes to show that the DSM (psychiatry bible) is not really a stable ‘rock’ to put one’s faith in if it can be persuaded to change its diagnosis on a whim from pressure outside.

… oh and if this is the case, be very wary “church” people will soon be listed in the DSM as mentally ill… maybe even Christians, if enough people vote it in as insane. Keep that in mind.

Seems like the transgendered people caught on and are now having their go at it.


I identify as an Apache attack helicopter, and insist that the UN recognize my right to be fitted with Hellfire anti-tank missiles and a 30mm cannon.


That research merely suggests a possibility, and does not show that transgenderism is “likely” biological in basis. In epigenetics they are finding out that both the brain and even DNA can be altered by both behavior and thought. None of those studies address how much of the brain differences were influenced by the tested persons’ false thoughts and beliefs.


I think slowly ‘mental illness’ is being redefined for political and ideological reasons.


Research shows that there is likely a biological basis for alcoholism, drug abuse, and many other pathological behaviors. I don’t think it would considered loving and merciful to encourage these people to continue in their self destructive behaviors.


Surprises me, too. I would have guessed that they had officially reached this conclusion years ago.


Yes, I would think everyone can agree with that. The practical implications of how to show love and mercy is what we disagree on. Many Catholics would say that it is more loving and merciful not to help individuals pursue their delusion, but to provide the support given to anyone suffering from mental or emotional distress.

At any rate, the transgender community seems to be in a difficult position regarding how this condition is viewed by the medical community.

[quote=New York Times]Many, but not all, advocates favor the idea of keeping transgender in the codebook in some form because the designations are widely used for billing and insurance coverage of medical services and for conducting research on diseases and treatments.

Removing it as a mental disorder, but keeping it in the medical codebook when a physical cause debate is far from certain, seems to be a difficult thing to balance.


Political correctness has been more important than science for quite some time now.


I’ve only met one transgender person and “she” was a registered S.O. who seemed mentally unstable (IMHO). She needed compassion and respect, but not access to the ladies changing room.


That’s for sure!

I’ve also only met one transgender person before. I can’t remember which gender they identified as. They seemed to deal with some mild depression which I imagine gender confusion would be depressing to anyone.


Too true. It’s like my anorexic friend. People just consider her mentally ill and unmercifully tell her she’s thin. I choose to support her and let her be her true self be calling her Fatty McFatterson everytime we meet. She’s so much happier when I see her the way she sees herself.


I would be surprised if there was no biological basis for gender dysphoria, but its important to keep in mind that all illness has a biological basis. You’ll find mental illness is the result of biology (at the level of genetics, neurochemistry, or even brain structures). Fundamentally everyone agrees that something went wrong in development. Transgender advocates would argue that the body developed the wrong way (hence the need for transition surgery and hormones) and others believe that the mind is in error (hence the disconnect between identification and bioloy).


That’s so simplified it misrepresents reality, mostly it is stress can cause DNA damage or impair healing of DNA. Some parts of the brain are plastic, others aren’t.

All you achieved in that post is displaying how incredibly ignorant you are of both transgender people and anorexia nervosa. Telling someone suffering from anorexia nervosa they are fat is not only going to adversely affect their mental health, it can cause them to engage in even deeper caloric deprivation increasing risk of organ failure.


Wow. Can we dispense with the mocking? You have no idea how close that might hit to home on these fora and what harm you might cause.


Epigenetic changes don’t alter the information in DNA; rather certain protein tags will bind to the DNA and changed how the information contained in DNA is expressed. Epigenetic changes are not the result of damage to the DNA but rather an interaction between DNA and the environtment. I don’t know if thought could cause an epigenetic change but there’s much we don’t know when it comes to epigenetics and its within the realm of posibility.

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