"The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus' Wife"


Remember that small bit of papyrus dubbed the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ by the media?

It took us four years, but it seems that finally, the whole debacle about the fragment is likely drawing to a close. We’ve finally found the owner (and likely forger?) of the papyrus: a guy named Walter Fritz who had once been an Egyptology student in Germany, a businessman, and sometime pornographer (!)

The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’ Wife by Ariel Sabar

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Jesus is a virgin forever. He cannot have sex for a pre-supposition that His divinity is not publicly shared, rather we partake using divine grace.


Jesus’ Wife would be Jesus’ Bride

Revelation 21:9 “Come, I will show you the Bride, the wife of the Lamb”


Yeah, the whole thing was a big joke. Jesus never got married.


Hahahahahahahaha i knew it!


What a story, and what a jerk Walter Fritz is.

I have to commend Dr. King on her professional response to the journalist evidence, though.


My feminist Theology teacher will not be pleased. Thanks for the information update. :thumbsup:


Jesus did have an infinite understanding of the moral law. Hence, He cannot transgress it by reason of His will, intellect, and memory.


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