The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus's Wife


From the Atlantic Magazine, a devastating take-down - and a pretty interesting detective story - on the papyrus that caused worldwide attention due to claims that it was an early gospel that mentioned Jesus’ “wife”. Well worth reading, and a good insight into how high-stakes forgery works:


Wow. Best reporting I have ever read.

Wish this guy would do research on Obama, the Clintons, or a bunch of other politicians.


Great read! :thumbsup:


Wow! What amazing writing and even more amazing investigations! This was a thriller of a story! Like watching a TV show!

I wonder, though, was Fritz sexually abused? I could see how it could be true if he was sexually abused, as that would explain his porn fetish. And his wife speaking aramaic for a 20-30 seconds and feeling like the angels are speaking to her… I wonder if that weird porn fetish opened her up to the demons.


He seemed incapable of telling the truth about anything else, so I see no reason to believe him about that.


Wow, great article! Thanks for posting it. That was fascinating.

It’s worth reading the short followup story, as well: Karen King Responds to ‘The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife’




Don’t believe it. I wanna see the marriage certificate.


That was interesting, thanks. So the feminist author who was championing the papyrus’s authenticity has now basically walked away from claims that it was authentic after reading the article about the investigation.


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