The UnChurch

You’ve seen the 7-Up commercial some years ago - the UnCola - well, today we have the UnChurch. In man’s efforts to do his own thing and snub authority -he has decided that he can worship God in his own way. This is why new “churches” today tout the fact that they not like stale, stuffy “church” - they offer excitement and thrills, esp. in music and fantastic ideas about what the Christian life supposedly is about. Sure, it draws thousands - complete with praise bands and goatee-sporting performers.
Remember when it was “proper” and “dignified” in the manner of dress and decorum? Well that is now taboo. Even “vocalists” emulate rock stars with their breathy, guttural utterances. They don’t even try to develop a singing voice that is clear and beautiful- just “their own unique” style.
I don’t know about you, but I have noticed how everything is getting dumbed down.

The internet is full of Protestant discernment sites weighing in on the „circus church“ phenomenon. I can‘t provide links because some of the abuses they document are BEYOND offensive.

Five years ago, it was just Willow Creek and some of their imitators doing professionally slick but family-suitable performances. The edgy stuff was coming from the charismatic fringe (Toronto Blessing, C. Peter Wagner – people rolling on the floor barking like dogs and marching through cities anointing the street signs with salad oil in order to „take them back“ from „the demonic Catholic Mary“). That trend passed, and this one will too.

While I don’t often watch the TV show ‘South Park’, they had a bang-on satire of the Christian Music scene - 'just take a whole bunch of love songs, cross out the word ‘Baby’ and replace it with ‘Jesus’ ’ :yup:

I think it is a matter of opinion that it is “dumbed down”…for the Apostles…the lavish gold encrusted, art filled cathedrals might have appeared to be more aimed at appealing to the senses rather than fostering a life of sacrifice to Christ…different means for different times.

Once upon a long ago, organ music was cosidered new fangled and innappropriate for worship…so uncouth compared to unaccompanied chant.

Every generation seem to see signs that the world is headed to hell in a handbasket, and yet faith continues, people worship, sacrifice and teach the gospel…in their own way, using the art and music they know.

Latin wasn’t always the language of the church, Ciboriums weren’t always made of precious metals and the hosts have not always been neat crumb free wafers.

I expect God is at least as adaptable as humans.

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