The unemployment thread!


So, lately (or even not so lately) a lot of us have been tightening our respective belts – how many have given it an extra little tug and felt something entirely unexpected give way?

What industry were you in?
Have you applied for the liberal pinko commie nanny-state benefits yet?
What steps are you taking to rectify the situation?
Any nibbles?

I’ve just recently joined the ranks of the starving programmers – actually considered standing around with a sign reading ‘Help an unemployed coder get a $%&@# haircut and tie’, if only for a second.

I applied for unemployment the day after I got laid off, and have been putting my resume out on and, as well as the Michigan Talent Bank (which you have to sign up for to collect unemployment benefits in this state) plus a couple of complete cold calls. Last week I didn’t hear much, but today my head was spinning from all the calls I got from headhunters! I’m at four leads just today, so I can’t really complain about how things are going – once I get past not having a job :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing that’s gone really Wrong since the layoff is that one of those cold calls actually got back to me and wound up flagged as spam for six days :o Hopefully that’ll work out – fingers crossed!

So, how have you all been faring?


Got laid off Feb. 22nd. Applied for unemployment that day and receive the paltry little sum each week. I am a private chef and as such, considered a “luxury item”. The couple I worked for own a mortgage business. Needless to say, their “belt tightening” resulted from the housing crash and included tightening my services right out their front door.

I’m quite used to getting laid off. I just went through this two years ago when, after working for a fine, filthy rich gent for 6 years, I came to work early one morning to find him dead in his bed. Instant unemployment. My job is so dependent on the health and wealth of my client that it can go at any time.

I really have to “create” a position for myself, generally through networking among the wealthy. I have a “file” that I use when I find myself out of work. It does take time, though. My last run of unemployment lasted 13 months.

Good luck with all your offers!


no but everyone I know in Detroit (half my family) is laid off or has hours cut back, or has lost most of their clients. I say at least part of their economic woes are caused by poor planning and policy by the state, so take all the benefits you are entitled to, for which you were taxed while you were working, and get a fraction of that tax money back now while you need it.


Maybe now the people here wished they lived in Sweden…

But if you are unemployed… you could also go to labor market political activities.

The headline unemployment rate in Sweden is only 5–5.5%, but this number is extremely misleading as it only includes a small number of the people who the government pays not to work. Many unemployed are sent to so-called “labor market political activities” — activities whose only purpose is to reduce the official unemployment rate.

“Labor market political activities” sounds more dignified than unemployment.

But if anyone is complaining about their unemployment benefits, blame the Republicans…

So what’s different now? Opponents say it’s too early in the cycle to act, noting that overall unemployment stands at 4.9%, versus 5.7% in 2002. They argue that we should wait until things get worse. Some even claim an extension of unemployment benefits, which average $282 a week, will make job seekers lazy.

“That’s human nature,” Sen. Judd Gregg, a Republican from New Hampshire, told the Associated Press. “They stay on unemployment almost until the end and then they find a job.”

In truth, however, there are already more long-term unemployed Americans today than there were in 2002. And with an estimated 7.6 million people competing for 4 million jobs (according to recent BLS statistics) blaming the unemployed for their condition hardly seems fair.

But I guess some political factions are rather adept at blaming the victim and fail to consider other factors.


Well, I’m not as lucky as you guys to be able to collect unemployment. I wish I could. I was in the real estate market, and you all know how that went down the drain. I was the executive assistant of a broker, but she decided to treat me as a 1099 instead of a W-2 employee. So I cannot collect unemployment, besides, even if I were a W-2, I couldn’t since I quit after so much abuse from her.

I reported her to the IRS and the the department of labor, but let’s see what happens.

I haven’t worked since 1/11/08. I even took a class so I could become a certified medical assistant. I started the class 4 months before I quit since I wanted to quit after getting a job at a clinic. Well, I quit before the class ended, I did my externship/intership but still no job. I’ve applied and applied to sooooo many jobs, and no luck.

As a result, we’re losing our house :(.

My aunt’s husband is almost on the same boat, he has a job but they barely give him hrs and he has been looking for another job for over a yr, has gone to interviews, and nothing. They’re also losing their house because of no money coming in… my aunt works, but it’s not enough money to pay for a house, pay bills and support their 2 kids.


Mirdath, from one computer geek to another. Keep your head up, you’ll do fine. Most software engineers i know end up in better position after a lay off.

Now, also from one geek to another. Why do you not think you can not know about religion? :wink:


And some think the government can provide the solution to everything without causing problems.


I know – my head’s still spinning from all the offers I’ve gotten :hypno: And it looks like my pay bracket could jump $15k/year from what it’d been. Bizarre.

One interview today, one or two tomorrow, and so far seven strong leads including those. So I think I’m doing pretty well, all else considered :smiley:

Now, also from one geek to another. Why do you not think you can not know about religion? :wink:

I do think I cannot know! :stuck_out_tongue: Just think of me as another Thomas – gotta poke it before I buy it. I do not think human minds are in and of themselves capable of grasping something which is by definition so much greater, or that logic can be properly used to tame a being who is supposed to have created it. Waitin’ on revelation here, since arguments for both theism and atheism are unconvincing at best.


Then you couldn’t be in a better place on the web. :smiley:
Keep asking, seeking. All truth is God’s truth. :slight_smile:


Try Faith :thumbsup:


Wow, I didn’t realize you were in this boat, Yessi. I will definitely be praying for you with my other unemployed people I pray for. I mentioned in another thread that Pope John Paul the Great helped my hubby get a great job, and today is the 3rd anniversary of his death! Let’s pray to him to intercede for you in your (and everyone’s here) job situation. :signofcross:


I got laid off in August of 2008 and needed a job quickly as we couldn’t afford for me not to work. I ended taking a job with WHole Foods since I’d worked there in college. It’s been our salvation in some ways because we get a 20% discount on groceries. Plus I get free healthcare now since I’ve worked there 800 hours.

I work as a Video Editor and its an extremely hard field to get into. You either need 30 years of experience or the job isn’t going to pay well or they want a college intern/free slave labor.

The production company may hire me for a 5-6 months out of the year, but I’d have to own my own system. I’m leaving it in God’s hands right now as to what to do.


Here in Western Australia because of the mining boom there are plenty of jobs to be had. Still, I am studying Law at the moment, so I only work part-time and have to spend money carefully.


I have been looking for a job for 19 months now. I’ve got a bachelor’s degee in Chemistry and 26 years of R&D experience. Unfortunately, that leaves me over qualified for many current positions. Also lots of lab positions are being “exported” to India and China. I have had a lot of interviews and have applied for probably hundreds of jobs with no luck.
Had a great interview two weeks ago but they said it would take at least 3 weeks to get back to me. That is, in fact, a relatively short wait for a scientific job.This place is very close to home and I would fit in very nicely there I think. Please pray!


I used to be a contract worker at Microsoft. After several months, I started a novena to St. Joseph that I could get on with Microsoft as a full time employee. Shortly after I finished the novena, a couple weeks I think, the project I was working on was canceled and I lost my job altogether. Before you start any novenas to St. Joseph, make sure it’s worth the risk :smiley:


I know what you mean, Battar. Just three days before I got caught in the reduction in force at my company, I asked the Lord about what to do about my job since it had been getting increasingly difficult and there were changes two weeks before that made the situation even worse. I did not think He would answers so quickly and in quite that way! During the past 19 months I have said numberous long novenas to St. Joseph and have lit enough candles to almost “burn” my parish church down. He seems to be very slow in producing results.


Hello all fellow Unemployeds,
I was laid off on Feb. 15th and have been looking every day. It is really hard to find a job these days. I worked for a logistic company that serviced Wickes furniture and with their bankruptcy it forced lots of lay offs on their side as well as ours:( . The good thing is i have had several interviews and i am waiting on their responses. I have an interview today at 3pm. I am praying it goes well. With this layoff I have had to put many things on the back burner now including going fishing!:crying: I need a job quick…hmmmm, maybe I will be one of those sign twirlers for a while:eek: I dont think my wife will like that though.


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