The Unfair Reality of Donald Trump and HBCUs


"It’s just not fair.

It’s not fair that historically black college presidents are on the precipice of doing something with Donald Trump in less than two weeks that they couldn’t accomplish with Barack Obama in eight years — a single meeting with the president of the United States to address critical issues facing our campuses.

It’s not fair that in the last 24 hours, Trump and his cabinet has generated more goodwill between the White House and black colleges than Obama was disinclined to even feign in three commencement speeches and eight national HBCU week conferences — none of which he attended. And with one executive order unique to HBCU federal support, Trump could become one of the greatest advocates black colleges have ever seen."


Wish the article had more meat on what’s being proposed, and less whining about other groups not supporting them.

Maybe the Trump spotlight will get their respective states to also pony up needed funding, etc. He has the MIDAS touch in motivating people around a goal.


Our sitting president is the target of the most massive disinformation campaign in the history of the earth. Do we allow the media to get away with it? Do we allow our thoughts to be shaped, if not controlled by someone who directly opposes our beliefs?

Let’s build a wall between the media and the truth - mutual enemies.


I’m not sure what isn’t fair about it, or even why it’s surprising. In order to be surprised, one must believe that Trump is a racist, and there isn’t any evidence of that beyond the left bleating it over and over.

I would be happy to see all schools treated equally by federal funding programs, and if this does it, then that’s great news.


I think the author is using hyperbole.



I hope there is real change in (but not just) black neighbourhoods and education that goes beyond the non solution of providing more funds for everything instead of creating self sustainability and dynamic transformation from within.

This dynamic transformation from within is supposed to be what the Catholic Church and the Holy Spirit is all about.

As the pope said ‘money isn’t everything’ and as the big guy once said, ‘give to Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is God’s’.

Wealth is important sure, but the gift of the Church is in the transforming spirit which creates material wealth as well as spiritual strength.

Facilitating the rise in the level of black education and culture will be one of the crucial tests of the Trump presidency in my eyes and I am sure many Democrats will wish to see its success.

Some problems have been around for far too long.


when Black America itself has been so disloyal to HBCUs over generations,

Eh, everybody should’ve seen that coming. When you talk about how you’re, say, the “Black Harvard” it’s hard to hold onto students and professors once they can attend the real one without any modifiers.

It’s the same way that integration destroyed the Negro Leagues in baseball


I can imagine that some blacks want to attend one of them because of their tradition and history, rather like a lot of Catholics want to attend a Catholic university that’s no longer “Catholic” in anything but name.


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