The unforgiveable sin?



I would like to thank the OP and the rest who have shared similar experiences regarding this subject…

I actually couldn’t believe what i’m reading as i’ve been suffering from the same symptoms as well…

I’ve been feeling very lonely these past few weeks being so away from home for the first time… then suddenly all these upsetting thoughts got their way inside my head… the problem was it just keeps on increasing and it has been a bad habit of mine to have something play in my head over and over again (due perhaps because i have minor OCD as well) when i’m stressed and it has been upsetting me (ie. nervous and very much afraid)… it came to the point where it makes me feel even closer to despair and like John Russell have said… be tempted to consent… in my case the temptation was to ‘test God’s mercy’ …and we know that Christ commanded not to put God to the test.

This thread has been very helpful suggestions, etc and I pray that God in his compassion and love strengthen and heal us all.

Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.



My advice is for you is as a Christian Jesus christ already died for our sin thank god for that first and take a stand against the devil you dont have to be scared for the spilthy words those words will gone in air. say this jesus chris is my saviour be gone satan. keep in touch my email


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