The Unification Church

What do you all think about The Unification Church which is also known by the term “Moonies”? Personally, I think it is a dangerous cult.

Yes, it is a dangerous cult.

Quite a dangerous cult.

I’ve been a member of the Unification Church for 35 years. We are working strongly
in the area of interfaith harmony and in many other areas to bring world peace.Our founding name was “The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity.” If we are
dangerous, it would be dangerous to the Devil.

I could ask a lot of questions but I’ll just ask just three.

  • where in scripture does it say that Jesus death on the cross was a mistake? Where did that believe come from? :confused:

  • What makes you believe that Moon is the The lord of second advent, the Messiah? Where is that in the bible? ::confused:

  • Jesus said he would be with his Church always, to the end of time. Your church started in 1950 or so. Do you think Christ was speaking of your church? :confused:

The devil comes to mislead and deceive. Your church is dangerous because it does so.

The Unification Church, is this a fair sight which somewhat explains? Not familiar with this.

They are important questions
One thing I said to myself many years ago was that I would try to keep an open mind and an open heart all my life in my search for truth. I studied & researched many Churches and religions, praying that Heavenly Father would guide me. I wasn’t satisfied with the conventional answers Christian Churches were giving me. The Old Testament has many difficult issues and stories that many people ignore and focus on the New Testament instead.
The story of Moses captivated me. After everything he did over many decades and with the promised land in sight he struck the rock twice, and had to die in the wilderness for his evil doings in God’s eyes, WHY? When Jesus came, the people that God prepared to receive him rejected him. Why did God prepare the Israelites over such a long time, to accept him or reject him. If they accepted him would they then crucify him.
Rev Moon praying on a hillside at the age of 16 met Jesus and was asked to accept a mission. He studied the Bible and prayed, gradually unlocking many secrets and answers to questions that have divided Christianity with hundreds of denominations resulting. When I studied Rev Moon’s revelations it was the most satisfying moment, mystery after mystery explained. There are enough things that unite us, let’s look for common ground.

Alan Smith,

Moses did not enter the promised land because of his show of lack of faith. That was an example to all of us to trust the Lord in all His promises and commands. However, God did not reject Moses. as you seem to imply. He was a great prophet and patriarch.

If by “common ground” you mean the whole Truth, only then could I agree.

There are great scholars and prophets from of old when studied and prayed about can teach us many things about God’s plans. With Divine Revelation God revealed His mysteries to man. There are denominations and divisions in Christianity because when certain men decide they know better than God and His plans they use their free will to start their own Church.

There are many devils that have appeared as “angels of light” over the centuries, long after our Lord Jesus Christ started the Church, that believe they have found truth.

Our Lord Jesus Christ promised to be with us till the end of time. He has not left us orphans.

"The True Family, in Unification Church terminology, is the family of church founder and leader Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han. Church members regard Moon as the Second Coming of Christ, and he and his wife as the “True Parents” of humankind, who have realized the ideal of true love as the incarnation of God’s Word. The members of the Unification Movement generally address or refer to Rev. and Mrs. Moon as “Father” and “Mother” or “True Father” and “True Mother.” Their children are known as the “True Children.”

Sun Myung and Hak Ja Han are regarded to have achieved the status of True Parents on January 1, 1968, at the end of their “7-year course” of marriage together, representing the perfection of God’s masculine and feminine aspects. Unification theology teaches that Jesus achieved this perfection only on the individual level (a lesser accomplishment than that of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, they believe that had Jesus not died on the cross he would have married, together they would have become “True Parents” and created a “True Family” and they would save humanity and perfect the world. Unfortunately Jesus was unable to complete his mission of perfecting the world and went the way of the cross, but his death was not a complete defeat because Jesus died for our sins giving us spiritual salvation). The primary mission of True Parents is to engraft all people on earth and in the spirit world to the original sinless lineage of God, removing them from the satanic lineage established at the fall of humanity (the original sin in the Garden of Eden)." Wiki Pedia!

Don’t know if we could find common ground here.

Little much for me. How one can compare themself to Jesus Christ [and believe they are Christ] is beyond my scope. :shrug:

Prayers are with you!

Alan Smith -

My suggestion is that you visit your local Catholic church and inquire about their RCIA program. It’s the initiation program for non-catholic adults to join the church and it starts usually in the early Fall and goes to Easter. Most meetings are weekly and a different matter of faith is discussed each week. You are under no obligation to join the church but the weekly meetings will get all your questions answered in a relaxed atmosphere and will help you with your discernment. Also, buy the book, “Catholicism for Dummies” (don’t take offense to title) as it does a very good job of introducing and explaining the the Church teachings. Read this before the classes begin. In doing the above, I trust the Lord will reveal his truth to you :thumbsup: and lead you away from a person who is an anti-Christ :mad: on earth.

God bless!

Dorothy & Devoutchristian started out by saying the Unification Church is a dangerous cult, without any explanation. This practice of criticism is very dangerous. The leaders in Jesus day regarded him as the leader of a dangerous cult. They thought they knew the Bible and wouldn’t accept the new teachings He brought. Rev Moon has been unfairly imprisoned 6 times. In South Korea during the early days of his church it was Christian Churches telling lies to local authorities that put him in prison. When they saw members of their churches joining this new group they felt threatened, he must brain-wash them, he is a danger to society.
When Jesus came, the people that God prepared to receive him rejected him. Why did God prepare the Israelites over such a long time, to accept him or reject him?. If He was accepted, would he then go to the cross?
I used to think that there was no hope for me. If a great man like Moses who gave his life to God, over a long period of time displaying courage and faith much more than I ever could was not allowed to enter the promised land, then what hope do I have. I knew there was more to this story than the literal explanation.

Alan - keep in mind that God saved Moses but he punished him on earth for his disobedience by not letting him into Israel. Jesus is also seen in the new testament,transfigured, standing with Moses. So Moses is doing well in heaven. There’s lots of hope for you! Answer the questions on my previous post. Moon is an Anti-Christ and you need to flee from him and never turn back. Remember, the devil comes to deceive. Strongly suggest you follow my comments on visiting you local Catholic church and buy the book.:thumbsup:

Jesus went to the cross because He surrendered his life for us! He did so willingly, not because of helplessness.

I already explained that the Lord did not allow Moses to enter the Promised Land not because he was a terrible, bad person, but because he did not obey the Lord precisely with regard to the rock. It was an example to us to trust the Lord at all times and not to give in to our fears but to be aware that we need to rely on te Lord totally.

Jesus Christ who rose from te dead is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If I obey the Lord and surrender then I too, will rise glorious with the Lord.

Politically, they are an extremely powerful organization and have been adept at gaining control of conservative media outlets and influencing conservative opinion in the US.

They control the Washington Times

and United Press International (UPI).

They have contributed substantial funds to bail out Liberty University back in the 1990s.

They Unification Church held a coronation service for the Rev. Sun Myung Moon at the Dirksen Senate Office Building with various members of Congress in attendance:

They control various other activist groups including the American Family Coalition and the American Freedom Coalition, and apparently have a seat on the Council for National Policy.

Alan, I do not say this out of condemnation but out of fear for your soul. I want you to know that the Unification church is a spiritually dangerous cult. And no, I do not mean that it is dangerous to Satan. Actually, the teachings of the Unification Church probably come from Satan himself. The Unification church is dangerous to your soul. Please read these articles:

May God bless you and lead you to the Truth and out of that Satanic cult.

I have heard about them controlling the Washington Times. I will not read that paper because of that.

If Adam & Eve had not fallen away from God, we today would not need to be saved. There would be no need for Jesus to come and save us. God lost the first family and human history, Biblical history is the story of God’s efforts to restore that lost family, this is the key to understand Biblical history. Had Jesus been accepted by the Israelites he would have become the “second Adam” and begun a true family and God’s children would have spread throughout the earth. We need the example of a true man and a true woman, without which we are confused and accept behaviour that is not acceptable in God’s eyes. Again I repeat what I posted before “When Jesus came, the people that God prepared to receive him rejected him. Why did God prepare the Israelites over such a long time, to accept him or reject him?. If He was accepted, would he then go to the cross?”
To Holy3278, thank you for your blessings. I looked at the information on cephasministry, it contains so many inaccuracies I can’t list them all. The photo of Rev & Mrs Moon has 2 birds in the background not 2 snakes.
To Porknpie (what’s with the name) It took a long time for me to come to my understanding of who Rev Moon is. I don’t accept things easily, I was critical of everything. At first it was a gradual spiritual awakening through the new understanding of the Bible. Spiritual experiences, and personal experiences that can’t be easily explained in a Blog. From admiring him (he is now 93 and still lives his life 110% for God, gives lectures/sermons for 4 – 14hrs, did a world tour last year at 93) to loving him because of his love for God & others.

Many of the Israelites did accept Jesus as Lord, and many did not.

Many are still accepting Jesus as Lord, and many do not.

Because some rejected Jesus does not mean that He failed.


Moon is not one to admire. He is not leading you to the truth in knowing the Lord. He is an anti-Christ. How do u know he lives 110% for God? Please answer my questions on post #5. Remember scripture warns us of those who are wolves dressed as lambs who are out to deceive and mislead.

In Revelation, why does Jesus say he will come with a new name?

Do you have a comment on my previous posts “When Jesus came, the people that God prepared to receive him rejected him. Why did God prepare the Israelites over such a long time; to accept him or reject him?. If He was accepted, would he then go to the cross?”

What is the purpose of creation?

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