The Universal Priesthood


As Catholics, we believe in a three-fold priesthood: Jesus Christ is the High Priest, and the Head of the Church. There is also the universal priesthood of all members of the Church, as well as the ministerial priesthood that we commonly know as “the priesthood”. What does this universal priesthood mean in the Catholic Church? I come from the Mormon Church, where they believe in a priesthood for all men, which (they believe) allows these men to bless, give the gift of the Holy Spirit, baptize, etc etc. What is the role of the universal priesthood of the Church in comparison to the Mormons? Are there books on this subject? I think that’s something we sometimes forget as Catholics. Through baptism and confirmation, we become part of that universal priesthood of believers, but what does that mean?

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you can get some info from my blog about what’s so special about catholic priests… It’s in my siganature- the link to my blogs that is.

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