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I don’t know how many parties actually go on in them, but Gregory and Jerome are the dorms where the “party people” supposedly live. The stories I’ve heard about freshmen partying all have to do with Jerome girls. The people telling the stories are usually the Jerome girls who aren’t partying…

LOL! Yes, he was known for that even before I started (1996). The challenge was to build a jail that could hold him…They never could, at least not when I was there. I don’t know how long you have left at UD but I recommend taking one of his classes if you possibly can. Even as an elective. I had him for Lit Trads I and III, if I remember correctly.

He broke out this year, but it took a lot of effort (he got everyone else in the jail to help him).

UD had a few flaky professors 10 years ago. I know a few of them are still there. A couple are department heads, actually. But we’re talking about the resident oddballs- every campus has them, and they don’t reflect on the school as a whole.

There is definitely at least one shady professor. I have heard NOTHING good about this person. For the most part, though, the professors vary from amazing to eh-but-tolerable. In fact, I think that one shady professor is the only one that I’ve heard nothing good about at all.


I did one grad class there, 'a critical analysis of Marxism" and love it! We had to read like 5 books at one time and the teacher was for sure stepped in western thought, but, coming from a public college, hehehehehe, that was a big change! I was very challenged by this class in the requirements but loved it! The undergrads that were in there were very knowledgeable about all of the philosophers we discussed since they had covered them in high school!

This brings me to my question: If I wanted to teach special ed/handicapped kids over seas and do my grad work in poli-sci, what college offers a good graduate program in political science/phil? I’m not Catholic, but, sure did like the conservative slant to UofD.

I’m open to small countries, etc.


I, too, am an alumna of UD.

I highly recommend UD to pretty much anyone and everyone who asks! It’s a great school, rooted in the classics, that affords much opportunity to students, if they’re willing and able to take advantage.

Great professors (some kooks, but what college doesn’t have them?), rigorous curriculum, good social scene (for the most part, everyone is accepting of everyone else, and you can find your niche), and a real education that teaches students how, not what, to think.

UD’s education lays a great foundation for the real world, where you’re presented with numerous, differing options and have to choose how you’re going to live your life. By teaching students to think critically and giving them knowledge and understanding of the moral tenets of our Faith and the reasoning behind those tenets, UD affords alumni an opportunity to choose the right path.


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